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Vincent Santiago

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We've all seen the inefficiencies and lack of teaching ability Mr. Vincent Santiago has displayed each morning over the course of 5 grueling weeks of "Hospitality Accounting II" (And I put the subject in quotation marks because it's NOT bloody Accounting II at all). The fundamental concept of Accounting is 'Accuracy', a point he raised up before, while NOTHING of his teaching is accurate. We spend half the time in class finding out what the "format of the day is" instead of learning something new; and at the end of everything, we DIDN'T learn anything new. I hear that the seniors said that Accounting II is in a league far and above that of Accounting I but on all counts, many don't see any difference. I myself was exempted from Accounting I but all this subject has done for me was refresh what I learnt in the Polytechnic. And four lecture slides out of five weeks, of which only two were really covered (and that's overstating things already) is not very much a syllabus. Teaching aside, his so-called tests are a hoax. You get marks deducted over things which you weren't informed about and are decidedly inconsequential. I understand if you deduct marks because a figure was wrong, or the format was screwed, or you missed out accounts; but to deduct marks because you didn't show workings which weren't communicated to you which were actually required or because you didn't underline things outside of the sheets which doesn't crucially need underlines? Better yet - his form of communication over such matters are equally ridiculous. He could tell one student something and someone else something different and expect the right answers from both of them. Or tell a class something and not another class and expect everyone to know. The final straw is that this ridiculous subject of five weeks is going to be such a disgusting reflection of my "lack of understanding of the subject". Now, I'm not a grade-chaser, but to give my money to an institution of repute and having the expectation of quality education, only to have my GPA reduced because I didn't perform up to a standard which is never fixed and ultimately not learn a single new thing which would benefit my future, professional life? I will not stand for this. And honestly, I hope a slew of you feel like I do. Mr. Vincent Santiago is a nice man. He is the Director of Finance for a reputable company and I figure has good intentions of wanting to educate youths. But some people are just not meant to teach and I believe Mr. Santiago is one such person. This petition has no intention of spiting his character as a person. On all counts, he's a humorous and good guy. He just has to know where his limits lie. Sign this petition with the mindset that we are here to help him set personal limits. We are not here in anger and pitchforks to drive him out of the campus but to send the message that some things are just not to be and to repeal the false reflections over a faked subject.

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