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Petition to Cease Vince McMahon's Horrendous Portrayal of Women

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This petition is to make aware of to Vince McMahon and World Wrestling Entertainment that the undersigned find no entertainment in his crude and offensive portrayal of women in the WWE. While we grant that his form of television is entertainment, there seems to be a common pattern of the mistreatment of women that Vince would probably describe as "fat". His rude portrayals of these women are not only disgusting, but also poor business practices for a business that routinely makes hundreds of millions of dollars per year in revenue. What other company would you ever see that portrays women openly on television as fat, as has no qualms presenting to its audience that women can be judged by their body The WWE has made it apparent that they place the value of the body over any other resource a woman has, and that those that don't meet Vince's grandiose expectations of a woman's body are subjected to humiliating and offensive "gimmicks", and are overall portrayed as lesser beings. This petition will cite specific examples of such horrific treatment of women, though be aware that these are not the only examples of Vince’s vulgar depiction of women. First, in 1995, Vince McMahon brought in a woman wrestler by the name of Rhonda Sing. Sing was a dominant wrestler in many areas of Japan, and was a skilled professional. However, because Sing did not meet Vince’s ideal view of women, she was placed in the role of comedic entertainment. Much of this “comedy” is placed in the idea that Bertha is a large individual, and because she is so large, we must laugh at her. She was subjected to the humiliation of being called “fat” multiple times on television, which largely overshadowed her great work in the ring. Sing, frustrated with her “gimmick” of being fat, asked for her termination of her contract, and was what I’d deem the first victim of Vince’s poor treatment of “large” women. Later, Vince brought in a woman by the name of Nicole Bass. Again, since she did not fit Vince’s lofty standard for a woman, she too was placed in a comedic role, with the joke being that Nicole is large, and we should laugh at her for it. Nicole, largely frustrated, left the promotion seven months after signing, and filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the WWE, in a claim that WWE Executive Steve Lombardi sexually harassed her. Later, Vince would sign Nora Greenwald, who portrayed the character “Molly Holly”. Molly was always seen as a “pure” character, and eventually plated a character that could only be described as prudent. She spoke out against the WWE’s “divas”, which tended to express themselves mainly by undressing for the cameras. For her troubles, Molly was typically presented as a character with a “huge ass”. Often, it was stated that Molly was fat by announcers, and again, one can see Vince setting unrealistic expectations for his characters. The message was simple; if you didn’t fit Vince’s mold, you were going to be ridiculed on television. Later, Vince would sign the widow of a wrestler he was partially responsible for the death of, Vickie Guerrero. Vickie was the wife of famed wrestler Eddie Guerrero, who passed away from acute heart failure arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease, most likely caused by steroid abuse, supported by Vince McMahon. Again, on television, she was paraded around as a “fat” woman, constantly chided by wrestlers for her shape. In one of her last “angles” before departing, one wrestler made a weekly mission to get into the face of Vickie Guerrero, and make squealing pig noises. This ultimately led to a wrestling match between Vickie and the wrestler, “fittingly” known as a “Hog Pen’s Match”. The match took place in a hog pen, with the running gag being that Vickie was the disgusting hog. Finally, this Friday, Mickie James was wrestling a match on the WWE’s program, “Smackdown”. After the match, Mickie was subjected to a video “promo”, in which portrayed Mickie, yet again, as a pig. The running joke, again, was because Mickie didn’t fit Vince’s standards, she was subjected to being called fat. The gag has officially run its course, and if anyone found it funny before, surely no one does. It isn’t clever television, nor is it it entertaining. Rather, it’s unethical treatment of Vince’s employees and exploitation of personal problems (weight) for little reason other than to humiliate the character. This, as a fan of the program, makes me extremely uncomfortable, and I doubt you’ll find a soul that disagrees with these sentiments. This is unacceptable behavior of a billion dollar industry, nor should it be celebrated. The purpose of this petition is to make aware of the horrendous actions of Vince McMahon and his staff of writers. Only in the WWE could women constantly be referred to as fat, and no one take offense, nor take action against it. Well, now, that is to change. Voice to the WWE that you will not tolerate such deplorable depictions of women, and that you will stand up for the rights of women.


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