Village Park Condos in Canoga Park H.O.A management change

Patty Alcaraz
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Dear neighbors, I would like to express the concerns we have been having regarding how things are being managed by our current H.O.A. We are all clear here there is a lot of repairs that need to be done. In our last board meeting we asked many questions as to were are money is going to and many questions weren't answered. We as owners have options. We want a safe place for our children to live in or us to grow old in. Our Condo complex is falling apart. We have tried to contact H.O.A of what our options are to have a different agent manage our money. Our H.O.A has not been helpful its up to us to make a change. We are all asking for your support we need some one else to manage our H.O.A fees and if are current H.O.A are not willing to help we need to vote to change to a different H.O.A. We have consulted other Home Owners associations that have given us quotes most of them charge less and and offer more. This affects all of us please be part of the change.


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  • Dawn Clark
    Dawn Clark United States, Canoga Park
    Nov 11, 2016
    Nov 11, 2016
    Hi, I have lived in this complex for numerous years now and the HOA fee has only gone up once in that time period. That is amazing. We are still the lowest I believe HOA fee around or was the last time I checked. Do you take that into consideration when you make your complaints? I am not trying to be conflictive or argumentative or to be dismissive of your concerns BUT there are many of us here who are on very limited budgets and that fee is what allows us some comfort zone living here. The HOA fees are a few hundred dollars a month more at many of the condos in the Canoga Park, West Hills area for not much more than what we are allowed here. Rather than complain, has any one ever considered perhaps offering or perhaps establishing some sort of community effort to try and make things better here for us all as a community??? How about that point of view first. How about appreciating what IS allowed here and done for us in the sense of community? It's a start, please. I am not joining your petition as yet to request different HOA management although I have my own concerns, I am thinking of community first and realizing that maybe the manner in which we conduct ourselves or ask for assistance is what might be hampering the responses we hope for. Thank you for allowing me my voice.
  • Carmen Miller
    Carmen Miller United States, Stevenson Ranch
    Aug 08, 2015
    Aug 08, 2015
    I absolutely agree!! I am extremely frustrated by the lack of management regarding the Village Park Repairs. The place is falling apart. the gas and water get shit off at random times, and most of the time without notice. The management company is doing everything but manage.


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