Video Recorder for Apple iPhone 3G

Cristian Martinez
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How many of you have an iPhone 3G? Its a great phone really, and now starting at only $99! Thats great! Except for one teensy weensy little thing (not really teensy weensy). THERES NO VIDEO CAMERA!! I dont think this is fair, I mean practically every cellphone out there has a video camera. Why should this super awesome, high-tech, cool looking cellphone not be "one of those cellphones out there,"? If you're like me, you wouldn't think it was right to pay an extra $99 for an iPhone 3G s. Its practically the same thing as an iPhone 3G. You're basically just paying more for what, a video camera? I don't think so. So join me and sign my petition and let Apple know that we want a video recorder. They need to make an updated firmware for the iPhone 3g and below that allows the use of a video camera.

Thank you for your support.





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