Victims of Witchcraft by Parents and Brother Help us Deport

M. Menon
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For years, my husband and I were terrorized by demonic presences in our own home. We never realized that we were subjects of witchcraft done by my parents to control and then destroy us. Each time we rebelled against my parents and brother demanding our monies back, the demons began attacking us by causing darkness, disembodied voices and unrest in our own house. We have even smelled death many times in our own house.

The effects of witchcraft are extremely painful. We suffer bad health and long bouts of sicknesses. A simple flu that takes three days to cure, took us weeks to overcome, and many things go bad almost all the time. At one point, I wasn’t sure both my husband and I were going to survive because of the attacks. When I was touched by the cross on my hands, feet and forehead, I began to see the damage that was done to us. You can see some of my images in Twitter and how God has come to help me. He sent me the angels.

What I Need Help On:

The people who had hurt us are my own parents who in collusion with my brother, have systematically worked a plan to defraud Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) so they can gain entry into the United States and evade paying our monies back to us. The assumption is that when you are in a new land, you have a chance for a new life and so past misdeeds are cunningly brushed away.

I have reported the matter to our local authorities who have agreed that a crime has been done but they have indicated that the federal authorities need to be involved to deport both my parents and brother back to their homeland. What we found out in the course of tracking these people to get our monies back is they have formulated a very concrete means of entering the country beginning 1998 and they fooled Fed authorities and our family several times to make their dream life happen in the USA. I am not able to provide all the information here – we can let the INS and ICE figure this out but with your support, I hope I can deliver the message that living in the United States is a privilege and any misuse of that privilege is unacceptable.

For those who want to know why I am doing this, please know I was ill treated, abused and enslaved by my parents for many years. I lived under a man who controlled our family and I was shunned upon because I was born a female child. The statute of limitations for the crimes they did to me has expired. In the meantime, both my parents engaged in witchcraft to destroy our family. There may be no justice for the witchcraft and abuse they have done to our family and to the years of torture I sustained being controlled and abused repeatedly by my father, but at least my story can be told.

When people misuse the system to enter this country, they deprive another of a legal means of entering and a chance of making America their home. So, please spread this story and get as many signatures as you can for me so we can get my parents and brother deported back to their homeland.



  • Emma B.
    Emma B. United States, Erie
    Apr 29, 2014
    Apr 29, 2014
    Now im not religious but i feel that you have been wrongly victimized so i will sign this petition. I dont like witchcraft.


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    Emma B.
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