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Dylan Volk
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VH1 Classic not long ago was a channel that one could always depend on to be playing classic music videos 24/7. Anytime you tuned to VH1 classic you could count on seeing an old music video. However, in the spring of 2006, VH1 Classic replaced it\'s old 24-hour programming schedule, with a new 12-hour programming schedule. Suddenly, instead of showing music videos 24/7, VH1 Classic replaced music videos with music-related documentaries, in-concert specials, and movies. This wouldn\'t have been such a bad thing, except that VH1 Classic was showing the same concerts, movies, and documentaries over and over again. As the summer of 2006 progressed and fall rolled in, things only got worse. Music videos now only make up around half of VH1 Classic\'s programming. VH1 Classic heading down the same path that MTV did about 15 years ago. My goal for this petition is to save the music videos before it\'s too late. I hope this will help remind VH1 Classic that music videos are what people tune into the channel for. Please sign this petition if you want to see classic music videos on VH1 Classic! Save the music videos!


Everyone on the VH1 Classic message boards feels the same way I do.



  • Ryan
    Ryan United States, Cherokee Village
    Jan 13, 2016
    Jan 13, 2016
    Please STOP playing all the terrible movies that have NOTHING to do with music on VH1 Classic!!
    I want to see rare metal videos again on Metal Mania, not the same 50 videos played over and over again.
    VH1 Classic used to play some great videos back around 2003-2006, such as:
    Leatherwolf - The Calling
    Leatherwolf - Hideaway
    Testament - Trial By Fire
    Testament - The Ballad
    Lion - Powerlove
    Shy - Break Down The Walls
    McAuley Schenker Group - Anytime
    McAuley Schenker Group - Gimme Your Love
    Heathen - Set Me Free
    Killer Dwarfs - Stand Tall
    Marchello - First Love
    Autograph - Send Her To Me
    Grim Reaper - Rock You To Hell
    Grim Reaper - Fear No Evil
    King Kobra - Hunger
    Black N' Blue - Miss Mystery
    Metal Church - Watch The Children Pray
    Grand Prix - Shout
    Aldo Nova - Fantasy
    Aldo Nova - Ball And Chain
    TSOL - Colors
    Hurricane - I'm On To You

    Plus the endless videos that were never shown, that Viacom has in the archives!!
    Bad News - Cashing In On Christmas
    Blue Murder - Jelly Roll
    King Kobra - Take It Off
    Nuclear Assault - Trail Of Tears
    Lionheart - Die For Love
    TSOL - Colors
    King Kobra - Never Say Die (Iron Eagle)
    Autograph - Dance All Night
    Autograph - Loud And Clear
    Autograph - She Never Looked That Good For Me
    Jeff Paris - Saturday Night
    Silent Rage - Rebel With A Cause
    Nitro - Freight Train
    Widowmaker - The Widowmaker
    Fastway - After Midnight
    Babylon A.D. - The Kid Goes Wild
    McAuley Schenker Group - This Is My Heart
    Testament - Electric Crown
    Metal Church - Badlands
    Laaz Rockit - Fire In The Hole
    Cats In Boots - Her Monkey
    Cats In Boots - Shotgun Sally
    Hurricane - Over The Edge
    Keel - Somebody's Waiting
    Roxy Blue - Rob The Cradle
    Steve Jones - Freedom Fighter
    Vinnie Vincent Invasion - That Time Of Year
    White Wolf - Shadows In The Night
    White Wolf - She

    Please clean up your programming department. Play some different videos on Metal Mania at LEAST! There's THOUSANDS of classic metal & rock videos you guys could play on Metal Mania! And I'm sure there's a lot of people would love to see them.


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