Veteran Central Resource Centralization Initiative

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Our team at Veteran Central believes every Veteran, as well as their Families and caregivers, should have the ability—at no cost—to easily access the regional and national resources available to them on any electronic device they choose (mobile or tablet). The Veteran Central Resource Centralization Initiative seeks to collect and monitor Veteran resources in all states, accessible by program or service within the Veteran Central database. By partnering with educational institutions in every state, we can connect with hundreds of thousands of willing and able college student interns (many of whom are Vets and Spouses) to maintain the database so it is always up-to-date.
The Veteran Central team uses the latest technologies to connect community support groups at the grassroots level, and to collaborate and share best practices through one central location for American Veterans. We provide standard web services and support interoperability with any non-profit's website, databases, and social networks. Enabling this database (see through mobile devices and geo-location capabilities will revolutionize how Veterans communicate with each other and find services faster and easier than any model currently available.

To achieve our mission, we need the service and aid of state legislatures, who can act as a pipeline of program and benefit information by location, and with whom we can advise on the most urgent needs of Veterans today. In addition, state-funded educational institutions, and the capabilities they will provide, are invaluable to the reach and success of this project. Please help us notify state officials of the need for accessible, centralized Veteran resources!
Sign this petition if you want your state to start talking to Veteran Central to empower the people of your region to directly help struggling Veterans and their Families.

“I do declare I believe my state legislature should work with the Veteran Central team to centralize my state's Veteran resources today, tomorrow, and well into the future. Veterans, Families, and caregivers should be able to access these resources freely and easily on any technology they choose. The resources should come at no cost and be pertinent to where I live. I firmly believe best practices among service organizations should be shared, and the needs of Veterans and their Families heard and responded to.”





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