The MMU Vertical Garden Project

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There is a food crisis facing the world. Our growing population means that food production needs to adopt more sustainable methods in order to stop exhausting the finite resources of the planet.

So what can we do about it?  Our role is to promote this change to a local and sustainable food system. You can start this by supporting the Vertical Garden Project in the MMU Business School. This is a proposal for an edible herb garden, which will grow in special hydraulic systems mounted onto the wall inside the Business School.


The garden will provide staff and students organic herbs to take home, straight from the Business School walls! As well as providing food, the plants will purify the air and give a much needed boost of colour to the building.

The garden will be maintained by students from the MMU Urban Gardening Society, who will be trained up by the contracted builders of the vertical garden. This will give them fantastic work experience with hydraulic systems and cutting-edge urban horticulture.

Sign this petition to show support for this project, and please forward this onto your friends and colleagues. Your signature will prove that MMU staff and students value community, sustainability and environment, and want to see MMU confronting these issues.  Use the form below to sign the petition, and leave your comments if you wish. Thank you for your support of the MMU Vertical Garden Project.


 Click Here to see the wiki page to find out more about green walls 


Click here to Link to the MMU Urban Gardening Society




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