Nickelodeon: Bring Venus Back

Robert Mulvaney
Robert Mulvaney 105 Comments
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I'm sure you're already aware of this; but when you acquired the Ninja Turtle franchise in 2009, you unfortunatley also inherited the "unpleasable fanbase" with it. Perhaps the most controversial issue is the existence of the character Venus, the lone female mutant turtle. This petition is for those who want her to return, even on a trial basis like Supergirl who was limited to appear only in her side-stories while the main Superman series ignored her until she gained popularity. Most, if not all, of us hated the Next Mutation show that Venus debuted on and want her to be done right on a show with some sort of budget; and most importantly not made by a rival company (Saban, who made Power Rangers).

Show the powers that be (Nickelodeon/Viacom) what TMNT fans really think about Venus de Milo, by signing this petition or the other at




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