Stop Street Preachers

Nicholas DeFilippis
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We, the undersigned students and other members of the VCU community, request that the VCU authorities and leaders take action to stop the religious preachers from preaching while outdoors on campus. We request that the preachers be disallowed to preach in an area called "the Compass" especially. We request that they only be allowed to preach in reserved rooms and religious places. We have many reasons for requesting this. The first reason is for the safety of the preachers and students who are supposedly listening to them. Some mentally unstable person could disapprove of what the preachers are saying and try to physically harm them. We don't want to see that happen. If you grant us our requests, then their audiences will consist only of people who approve of, or are interested in, what the preacher has to say. The second reason is that standing on a stool and screaming at random people walking by because they don't seem religious enough is, in our opinion, a form of harassment and abuse under VA law according to the VA laws linked to in the second and eleventh bullets of this website page: We encourage you to read those laws because the preachers often say things that offend females, homosexuals, and non-Christians. Not only do we consider it to be harassment, we also find it to be intolerably annoying. As we stated earlier, we support their right to preach and organize in reserved rooms and religious places, and we accept their right to distribute leaflets and Bibles. Screaming the so-called "Word of God" almost every day at unannounced times, however, is where we draw the line. Thank you for your time.


Nicholas DeFilippis