Vanity For Humanity

MJ Frazier
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Let's trade our focus on VANITY to our focus on HUMANITY:


In this dichotomous period of extreme economic wealth on one hand, and equally extreme economic depression on the other, I am creating this petition to call on philanthropists, celebrities, athletes, entertainers, etc. to sacrifice a few days of non-essential purchasing to help bail their struggling friends and neighbors out of their economic bind.


I am asking that for ONE WEEK each month that the wealthy forego their shopping sprees, travel, luxury purchases, art collection additions, personal grooming expenditures, etc. and donate that money directly to your local community, hometown, or area of your choice to assist in helping the less fortunate in getting through these troubled times by...


1) Creating Jobs / Supporting  Small Businesses

2) Saving Homes / Paying Past Due Rents & Utilities

3) Paying for Medical Bills for Serious Illnesses

4) Buying Groceries for Hungry Families

5) Paying for Airfare to Reunite Families

6) Buying New Wardrobes for School & College Kids

7) Purchasing Good Used Cars for Needy Families

8) Helping to Provide Housing for the Homeless

9) Rewarding Hardworking Fathers & Mothers

10)...and anything that can help uplift your fellow man


For instant impact, I encourage you to work DIRECTLY with the businesses or individuals in need, face-to-face, even if an agency helps to facilitate.


Let's CHANGE the course of time...


PROTEST MARCH: Friday, Sept. 16, 11:00AM, Beverly & Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Sign up by responding to this petition below.


Thank you,


Marjorie F.

Valley Village, CA


P.S. If you need assistance in targeting those in need, please let me know.  


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