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Stop the sell of used breast pumps.

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Banned items on eBay include used cosmetics and used underwear, but they do not restrict the sell of used breastpumps. Many breastpumps that are registered with the FDA as \"single user\" pumps are being sold on eBay after being used. According to the FDA, if a breastpump is labeled a \"single user\" or \"single patient\" device, that pump is only intended for one user and should not be resold. By selling a used pump that has been designated \"single user\" by the FDA, the pump is not being used in accordance with the FDA and is being \"mis-branded,\" which is against the law. However, the FDA does not regulate sales from individuals to other individuals, but they do recommend the following: \"FDA advises that there are certain risks presented by breast pumps that are reused by different mothers if they are not properly cleaned and sterilized. These risks include the transmission of infectious diseases or the risk of improper function. FDA believes that the proper cleaning and sterilization of breast pumps requires the removal of any fluid that has entered the pumping mechanism itself. If proper sterilization of the breast pump can not be achieved, FDA recommends that it not be reused by different mothers.\" The practice of re-using single user pumps may be dangerous because some disease organisms are know to be present in the breast milk of infected women. (Lawrence 94) Additionally, if a woman has used the breast pump during an episode of cracked bleeding nipples, blood contamination may have also occurred. Home sterilization methods are not always reliable to ensure the safe destruction of all pathogens especially in the rubber parts such as washers and diaphragms. Some pumps have internal diaphragms that cannot be removed and cleaned or replaced. In addition, even if you get a new collection kit (the part the touches your breast and collects the milk) it may be possible for air-born pathogens, or droplets of milk that are not visible to the naked eye, to get into a pump motor and cause contamination to the next user. Most single user pumps are \"open system\" pumps and do not have any protective barrier to prevent cross contamination to multiple users. Many of the diseases that can be found in the milk of infected women are very serious or life threatening. Pathogens like Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis, cytomegalovirus (CMV) and others can be found in the breastmilk of infected women. These diseases frequently go undetected for long periods of time, so even if the former user of the pump is trustworthy and willing to share this personal health information with you, she may not be aware she or her partner are carriers. Other very difficult to clear fungal infections like candidiasis, more commonly known as yeast or thrush, may also be transmitted. Yeast organisms are very stubborn pathogens that can live on surfaces for long periods. Medela, leading manufacturer of quality electric breastpumps, and the brand that most frequently appears in eBay auctions, posts on their site: \"Personal use pumps that you buy at the store are personal care items, much like a toothbrush. Personal use pumps should never be resold or shared among mothers. The Medela Pump In Style


I am a mother of two who looked into purchasing a used pump for my second child. Upon reading about potential health risks to my child, I was appaled to see that the sell of these items on eBay is allowed. It\'s my opinion that many mothers may be totally unaware of such risks when deciding to buy a previously owned breastpump. If eBay restricts the sell of used cosmetics and worn underwear because of hygienic reasons, why not breastpumps

Links Medela\'s recommendation.,,9kdb,00.html A leading resourse for parenting advice gives their opinion. La Leche League advises against sharing.
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