Use Wine as needed in future Humble Indie Bundles

Dan Kegel
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We applaud game developers who support Linux, and are grateful to the Humble Indie Bundle for helping bring many games to Linux. The more users run games on Linux, the more likely other game developers will be to pay attention to this market. We urge game developers to target not just Windows, but Mac and Linux as well, as early in development as possible. 

Ideally, games should be written using portable techniques such as OpenGL, but Wine is also a valid porting strategy in many cases, as long as it's done with care and with the same quality standards as a native port. Thousands of Linux and Mac users already use Wine (perhaps via Codeweavers Crossover, PlayOnLinux, or Wineskin) to play their favorite games. 

We encourage game developers not yet able to embrace full native cross-platform development to include Linux compatibility via Wine in their development and QA process. Professional Wine developers are ready and willing to help.


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