We need a NEW Superintendent

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USD 312 has been run into the ground. We do not have a superintendent that has our children's education a priority. In fact, the only thing that I have seen he is concerned about is irresponsibly spending money that could go towards our children's education. Our kids deserve MORE!! NO FIELD TRIPS - NO ZOO -NO PUMKIN PATCH no thing! Not only the fun things but all the teachers in this district are spread way too thin!! They are stressed and our kids are the ones that are suffering! Everything we try to do to help our children - he turns down. There are grants out there to be applied for - each of kids could have their own laptops! Our district needs help and he doesn't seem to care or want to think outside the box to even try and help our children and their teachers!! He is in contract but has crossed the line one too many times!!  If you agree - please sign and send on!  Please share your thoughts!!




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