Make the United States a Kingdom

George Bucceri
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The American republican system has become bureaucratic and inefficient and it should be up to the people once more to choose their government, though in the form of a monarchy. We would like to see the below arguments read before Congress, and have a referendum held on the future of the American government on the next election day. 

Ideally, assuming the referendum passes, the monarch would be chosen by either committee or by a direct democratic vote. All current or past politicians would be barred to avoid conflict of interests. The monarch may be from an existing royal house or establish an American dynasty.  

 Below is the link to the aforementioned arguments: 




  • Frederic PORLIER
    Frederic PORLIER France, Dijon
    Apr 17, 2016
    Apr 17, 2016
    Like the first will of the founding fathers who propose the US' crown to prince Henry of Hohenzollern


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