Us iPad users need xcode to run on the air now

Merlin Spiers
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Petition for Xcode on Ios on the Air now

We have literally been waiting years for Xcode to be introduced on the air so apps can be made on the go. It has an X64 architecture we have gone through all the iPads and people in store said this is most likely to set the trend.

We like many over developers have poured thousands into apple. It has a sufficient ability to be powerful enough and we are seeing DVDs become obsolete. Apple has made so much and stands to gain much more from xcode on the iPad air. It's simply stupid having to have to purchase or be more worried about carrying a Mac Book which are overpowered for most things.

For far too long this saga has continued and Apple are neglecting ios development still. If jobs was around then he would have at least made a cloud version. I already carry two iPads a hd pro cam and a dslr. The moment I decide to switch then the slower the work flow becomes. If it's available on the air one iPad can be used for data input the other for more technical coding and the videos converted to QuickTime at a convenient location. But now I'm starting to think that you purposely allow android. We want xcode on ios we have waited since the start. Professional workflow would be swift. Let us work!



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    Merlin Spiers United Kingdom
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