US and NATO, Completely Withdraw from the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

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Ron Wheeler
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Goal: 1,000

The continued US/NATO aggression, expansion and meddling upon Russian borders is completely unacceptable. It was not enough to have staged a coup by the US to overthrow a democratically elected president of Ukraine in 2014, the US and NATO are now baiting Russia by providing directives to Ukraine to create provocations to Russia. How is this in the US interest? This will indeed escalate to a world war and you are aware of this. An EMP (electrical magnetic pulse) attack by Russia will plunder the standard of life here is the US towards the Dark Ages thus creating an unsustainable living condition. Modern wars with a super power are no longer regional they will impact our civilian population in the States or even world-wide.

US and NATO get out of Ukraine and stop supporting and meddling with the Ukraine/Russia conflicts, it is of no benefit to the US homeland. Your actions are now meddling with the quality of life this planet and all who reside here by placing Russia against a wall.

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