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Urge Senator Elizabeth Warren to Support International Law in Israel and Palestine

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Dear Senator Elizabeth Warren,

As you are planning on visiting Israel as part of a congressional delegation, you have a unique opportunity to help promote peace in the region by encouraging all parties to the Israel/Palestine conflict to respect international law. Respect for international law is fundamental for the protection of human rights of both Palestinians and Israelis and for a just resolution to this conflict.

We urge you to not only make this message clear upon your visit, but to also publicly support the following positions, all of which are based upon international law as determined by the United Nations Charter, Security Council, General Assembly, and International Court of Justice:

1) Israel must commit to never target civilian homes, mosques, and other civilian infrastructure in Gaza and the West Bank. Israel must immediately end the blockade of Gaza, as it constitutes collective punishment of civilians.

2) Israel must treat the 1967 borders as its legal borders and those of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and Gaza as those of a future Palestinian state. To this end, Israel must not expand any settlements in the West Bank or take any other actions that are prejudicial against Palestinians, such as home demolitions and diversion of water resources. Israel must also remove all parts of the Separation Wall that exist beyond the 1967 borders.

3) Palestinian armed factions must not fire indiscriminate weapons into Israel, as they can not differentiate between combatants and civilians. Palestinian armed factions must commit to never deliberately target Israeli civilians,
both within Israel proper and the occupied territories.

4) Palestinian armed factions and the Palestinian Authority must respect the 1967 borders as the legal borders of the state of Israel. This includes a commitment to a permanent truce upon the end of the military occupation.

Although these four positions do not address all the issues related to a just resolution of the Israel/Palestine conflict, they would significantly enhance the security and human rights of all parties and help pave the way for such a resolution. We strongly urge you to immediately take these positions publicly and communicate them upon your visit to Israel.

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