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Terraria Updates

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I've been playing Terraria for a long time now, I've got 200+ hours of time clocked and more than a handful of characters. I remember when every so often an update would come out; me and a group of friends would get together, start a server, new characters, and enjoy the game all over again. Then, sadly there was an announcement that my beloved Terraria wouldn't be updated any longer. It broke my heart, but it was for a good reason. A sound reason. 
Now, I come to find out that Terraria is going to be released onto consoles, and I've read "I can not say whether or not the PC version will get the new content". Am I the only one a little upset by this? The game Terraria was left for isn't going to be released, and now that Terraria goes on sale for as little as a dollar on Steam, it's going to be released on consoles. What does that mean for us? That everyone who stuck by the game and fell in love with it get's to pay $20 for the same game and more updates? What happens when people stop buying the console version? Are updates going to stop for the prospect of a new game, then when things go bad, Terraria 2 will come out? I can see it now! "Terraria 2 now with new updates! Only $30! But on Steam now!" then when that game goes down to $5 a copy, and the updates stop, will it come out on consoles with no hopes of updates to our PC version? 
This is wrong. 
I think that what is going on is nothing but greed, a lust for money and a lack of care for anyone else. We were promised updates, and now to get them we have to spend more money on a console game. Is that fair? I know most of you won't care because it's only going to be a few more dollars that you have to spend, but where will it stop? Will it stop when there are no more updates, only DLC that you have to purchase? Will it stop when we're left with a half finished game for the prospects of nothing but a ghost? I'm calling for a boycott of the Console Terraria if our beloved PC version isn't going to be updated. I'm calling for people to help stop this greed. I'm calling out for people to make their voices heard. We were promised updates, not console versions that will only cost us another twenty dollars.

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