Update the Calarts policy on how rape allegations are handled and how alleged assailants are reprimanded

Bona Bones
Bona Bones Edinburgh, Scotland 2 Comments
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As alumni/students and concerned members of this community we are greatly dismayed by how CalArts has handled recent rape allegations. (http://america.aljazeera.com/watch/shows/america-tonight/articles/2014/10/14/calarts-sexual-assault.html)

No student should have to be put through the blatant misogynistic nature of the internal investigation conducted by the institute. CalArts has clearly mishandled the situation and the student in question should have never been made to feel unsafe during her time on campus. It is not sufficient for the institute to impose a one year suspension on the assailant. We petition the institute to:

1) Consider the gross and devastating nature of the assailants actions and appropriately reprimand the assailant accordingly.

2) Hold a town hall meeting for students to address concerns about the current rape policy in a public forum.

3) Update the policy in a way that reflects student concerns.

CalArts does not need to be another Columbia University.