Unsatisfied CenturyLink Customers: The Citizens of Rural Louisburg, NC

Dustin Rowe Moore
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Dear CenturyLink/Franklin County representatives:

It is now 2018, and in most homes, broadband internet has improved people's lives, and made simple everyday tasks more convenient than ever. If only this were true for the CenturyLink customers of rural Louisburg. It’s not fair for families to be offered advertised internet services and be told they cannot get high speed internet or faster speeds because their area is an inconvenience and may cost the company some money, which would be an investment in the community.

For those of us lucky enough to have broadband internet at all, the internet speeds in our rural area are truly atrocious. In Louisburg, inside city limits, citizens enjoy speeds of 100 Mbps and higher, from their provider, Spectrum. In our rural areas, we are lucky to get the 10 Mbps or less promised. In our modern day society, these speeds are unacceptable for our daily tasks, the entertainment we should be able to enjoy, and isn’t a want, it’s truly a need. 

Higher speeds would allow our households to:

-pay bills online

-attend online classes

-work from home, allowing access to more jobs and making working from home easier for those that do it already

-stream movies and shows without paying outrageous prices for satellite 

-to game and connect with friends and family on different social media and other networks.

Other benefits of true high speed internet would include:

-economic development in Northern Franklin County

-better education for our children

-incentivize companies to consider locations in our area

-supply more and better jobs in Louisburg and Franklin County 

If this message reaches the proper channels, we thank you for your time reading this, we hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears, and we hope you will decide to do what’s best and right for your customers, who are not just a number, but the families you provide your services to.


The Citizens of Rural Louisburg and our fellow Franklin County families/customers, who support us in our mission



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