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Hi my name is Patricia S. I have decided to start a petition to seek help and justice for my family.Adam and I have three daughters one is autistic.We are tired of being mistreated slandered & discriminated!I have recently had problems with the manager Elaine Hensley Also know as Elaine C Origel. She has harassed me &Has slandered my name so badly to other tenants &Has made my life hell for the last 5 weeks... I ask her nicely plenty of times to stop and she doesn't quit.So I tried to go above Mrs. Hensley for help at the Property Management Bella real estate Inc. I walk in introducing myself and the woman I spoke to said I know who you are !Immediately I knew I was being g subjugated I then said OK can I have a seat so we can talk I can tell in her face she didn't want to hear it but she said OK.I then started to tell her what was going on and how stressed I was even trying to explain the situation but I need help I then told her Mrs. Hensley had call cops on me and made false reports.The woman that I spoke to made it very clear she was in her side and basically turned me down.I then dismissed myself and left the building even more stressed because I new it's only going to get worse. I went in looking for help distraught she basically said she was over it and that she wasn't a babysitter. I was baffled on how I was treated mind you I had never met this woman before I have lived here over a year and never had any problems with any of my neighbors. I have always stay to myself with my three little girls and if I saw a neighbor I would give a simple hi.I never really have company over because Mrs. Hensley always told me the people downstairs were complaining about me and my autistic daughter being loud.Having a autistic isn't easy we have our good days and we have our bad days so the last thing I need is this bitter women making me problems. I feel like I had to walk on eggshells because I'm afraid of her next move because clearly she is getting away with this. I did everything this woman asked me to do I never disrespected her cause there any problems In July I started having a lot of problems with her when I became friends with the neighbor that she disliked at first I just thought it was her being petty. I didn't really overthink it but then I started getting harassed letters on my door... letters on my car... my tires slashed threats telling me if I hang out with this individual we will no longer be friends and she let me know not being g her friend is being in her bad side. And It sure will make things a lot harder for me and that's exactly what Mrs. Hensley started to do she has called cops on me Called CPS and invaded my privacy she has sent screen shot to other tenants about my past or background which I have all proof... I have been living under a lot of stress she has put a burden on my family and I and seems to be getting away with everything that she does so I decided to make a petition hoping to seek justice.My family has been thru A lot these last few days I had to seek medical treatment because she has cause so much stress and anxiety.I am tired of this women being a bully and try to ruin my life!Please family and friend help me gets justice!!

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