University of Strathclyde Pedestrian Crossings

Jacob Dibble
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This petition is for the placement of pedestrian crossings on Cathedral Street in front of the University Library and on George Street in front of the future home of the Technology and Innovations Centre (TIC). These two locations clearly give priority to the speeding traffic which refuses to yield to pedestrians and results in a dangerous situation that must not be tolerated. The University Community deserves to be given priority to motorists and deserves to have their safety protected. On Cathedral Street, the Council says that you can use the pedestrian crossing to the West, but why? Because it would be an inconvenience for motorists to stop for you, when you are going to the Library!! On George Street, the Council says that you must walk to either Montrose or High Streets to cross- to get to the new TIC, multi-million pound building!! Do not stand for this. Do not let motorists rule your city. Don't wait for your classmate to be hit by a car before the Council takes action. Please sign this petition and ensure that your rights are protected, that your safety isn't compromised so that motorists can reach their destination 15 seconds faster and that we don't wait for a tragedy to put pedestrian crossings in at major intersections that you use every day!!




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    Jacob Dibble United Kingdom
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