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Boycott Social Networks and Anti Islamic Websites

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BOYCOTT SOCIAL NETWORKS AND ANTI ISLAMIC SITES | FACEBOOK | ORKUT | FRIENDSTER | HI5 | MYSPACE | ================================================== If you Respect your Religion you will not be part of this but Infidels ( one of them ) Virtual Battle is pretty bigger than real one, We can Die and but we will never let our Religion , Muhammad Rasool S.A.W get disrespected. I am really sad and hurt to see images they have posted of our beloved Prophet, by Jewish Policy Anti Islam on FACEBOOK, Because every now and than they are coming up with something which not only hurt our hearts but fill more hatred for them, today I urge my Muslim Brothers and Sisters all around the world, to BOYCOTT Social Network Sites and Anti Islam Website. Ever Since Internet has became easy way to spread every now and than, knowing that these are all their policies boil our blood, Since the follow is also one of our prophets, but for them Muhammad Rasool S.A.W is not in their book and their jealously is based on various things which they don't want to admit The Great Inventor all were Muslims and Islam is Rising Daily around 3000 People are accepting Islam " Reverting " Submission from their false religions. I Request and expect a outstanding result, which should cause their online business a greatest loss ( Inshallah ) , on the internet by Boycotting they their sites. If you are followers and respect your religion than take a Oath, Never again be part of these Sites. - Facebook - Hi5 - Myspace - Friendster - Orkut Specially these 5 Sites , Stand up for your Faith and Belief. Thou we are many , But Thus we are One. Specially , Where our religion and our beloved Prophet is not getting respect we condemn it and If you see the history back we have fought many battle for Saving our Religion ISLAM , This time It is Virtual War too which is much bigger than any battle ground. Why being on a net accepting their slavery and like their dogs becoming one of them instead of who we are ( It's simply and very much clear the they are creating and letting everyone to join for free because when the time comes entire PROFILE which you have on facebook and other networks will be their source of knowing you, they are trying to trap us all. well I fear no one else but Allah so I am openly given my name address number, even if they kill me for what I've done I would be proud least I took the initial step for protecting my RELIGION ! I want you to sign this Petition online and refer to your Muslim Friends and Families, ( MUST FORWARD IT ) so all should sign it. That we are no longer can bare anything against our Islamic Faith at any cost , so brothers and sisters It is time to stand up and show them How many we are. we shouldn't be there where no one respect our faith like we do their's even in our country but it is a moment of shame and blood boiling hatred against Jews. Is it the time to show Unity to the entire world among Muslims and how much we care for our Religion and Beloved Muhammad Rasool S.A.W. By Farhan Imaan Khan ( Faree Imaan ) If you with me, Than sign and send this message to friends and families. Contact me anytime on faree.imaan@live.com

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