unfit mother

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To whom it may concern , we the people have witness ERNEST MENDEZ JR. much more active w/ (their) child ' DOMINIC J. MENDEZ ...actively knowing that he has been battling a knee condition . he is a loving parent and has always long for a mate to make / have a family. Katelyn fit the par to him all seem good till Ernest got laid off on January w/ in two months or so the sad news came upon ... she wanted a divorces . stating he is abusive to her. we the people never saw abusive nor can we say that she was active w/ their child as Ernest is . so we plea for the best interest of the child 'Dominic J. Mendez . pray that is rightfully heart felt and factors of her implying be exposed to her selfishness. may the law see that she gave up on their marriage because of lack of LOVE on her behave. pray for the child... Thank you



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