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Reinstatement To My Job Due to Unfair Treatment and Unfair Dismissal

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This is a petition to reinstate me to my job. To provide compensation for unfair treatment and loss of earnings for the past 6 months. I began working for TNS doing Market Research 7 years ago, they merged about 18 months agowith Kantar Operations. It is a cold calling job being told where to go and just given addresses and to perform at those addresses. In all weather conditions and in the winter during the darkness. During my time of employment I've performed over 15,000 interviewers. Two years I asked about an eye exam being paid for by the firm as my eye sight was getting worse finally I got an answer. My superior said to mail her the receipt, I did but she mailed it back to me. Once in all that period I was off ill for 2 weeks I had the flu. By rights I should have had statuatory sick pay for one week. My superior said mail the form to me, I did she sent it back. Then end of 2009 I've suddenly got to do 13 surveys a day instead of 8 and paid less money as it was impossible to do that many surveys in one day. I lost lots of weight dropping from a size 12 to size 6 I was physically doing the impossible every day.  Its a begging job and depends on a  lot of pity that people perform and then they have to release personal data and phone number. I managed 99 percent rate consistently in getting phone numbers. It was difficult but I did it. I've had countless thousands of doors slammed in my face. I thank those who have done the surveys. I began airing grievances on my pay. My superior manipulated my pay at will My firm claimed VAT return on my petrol and paid me 30p a mile with my own money. My boss began to bully me saying to watch my personal hygiene as she knew I owned dogs. I knew it was her method to dispose of me as a result of my grievances. Once a year there would be an interviewer meeting and each time always knew people aboard as no one could stick the job. I did it full time to survive and not part time. I had NO EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT. Suddenly my boss got what she wanted a woman phoned in to complain who I did not interview I was attempting to interview her daughter who agreed and ordered me to leave which I did. The complaint claimed I looked scruffy but this day no one I actually interviewered complaiined this day it poured of rain all day. This woman also claimed I appeared I had been drinking but I dont drink. This woman also claimed I was stalking her but in the performance of my job I am required to recover addresses if no one home and I had no choice but to do that as I had not many addresses given to me to work with. This complaint resulted in immediate suspension for 6 weeks and no pay and I was issued a final written warning. This is crazy. It took one more compaint to immediately dismiss me. It was overturned with the assistance of a union rep and proved I was treated unfairly. The firm still decided I needed to be disciplined and reheld a meeting and fired me again (I presume they thnk they did things the right way). This firm has violated the data protection act and given a complainants name to my union rep but i was told I am not to break the data protection act visiting this woman for a statement. I have now lived on air for 6 months. I am still fighting this new termination. I dont feel I any of this is corrrect. I have NO EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT It took 3 months to overturn the immeidate dismissal and I was compensaated just for 18 days of work, this is not right. I should be compensated for mistreatment. I should be paid for the initial action against mefor the 6 week period it took to finally issue a final written warning which was conducted using false allegations and I should be paid for the last 6 months. I should not be loosing my job, my home, my animals, my possessions and my life. I do hope that you support my cause. There are 1,000 interviewers I've been told with this firm, many have come and gone. We have NO RIGHTS and this firm is hired by gvt levels at the highest level. This is so wrong. I am asking please for your help Help me save my home. I've been abused and used. I've been enslaved and this should not be so. Same superior who is on contract orders me about, bullys me, manipulates my pay and can drum up allegations and dispose of you should be againsst the law. There are thousands of interviewers around the country without an employment contract and without rights. An agency worker has more rights.Thank you in helping my cause to get my job back asap and compensation for unfair treatment. Thank you. This should all be in violation of my human rights, slavery should have been long ago abolished.


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