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Courts Are Merciless Against Fathers

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I have read several posts regarding the issue of child support and I think it\'s a disgrace that this nation could treat non-custodial parents (mainly fathers) with such inhumane cruelty. First, I cannot understand how any reasonable human being could not agree that if a woman has the right to terminate her pregnancy and dispose of the fetus as though it was trash (all without any regard for what the father wants), then a man should have the right to decide if he wants to support the child (all without any regard for what the mother wants). Question.....Is it better for the child to be killed, or have life without the financial support of the father Ask anyone if they would rather be killed or suffer a financial setback for a few years I grew up dirt poor after my mother and father separated, but that did not stop us from enjoying life - even without his financial support. The point I\'m trying to make here is that a serious double-standard exists in the courts that allows women to run roughshod over men when it comes to parental responsibility. It\'s amazing that men who cannot and will not pay child support are labeled with those two scarlet letters \"DD\"......Deadbeat Dad - when women who kill there unborn children are supported by rights activists!! This tide against men does not ebb. After the child is born, he is forced to contribute to that child\'s well-being whether he able to or not. Meaning that for some fathers (or non-custodial parents) missed payments could lead to a suspended license, wage garnishment, or prison. Despite the unfair system, I understand the need to discourage violations of the law. But a zero-tolerance approach and a lack of oversight concerning how the money is spent breaches on the bounds of absurdity. I propose, as did another petition, to institute a process by which all child support payments are deposited into an account that are then accessed through a card system. This system will monitor all non-essential goods and services that are purchased from the card. Any unusual purchases, such as alcohol, adult clothing, restaurant food and service (non-essential), and the like, will be prohibited. The custodial parent would then owe payments back to the non-custodial parent. This will require a complete revamping of the system, but if it\'s already broke.....something has to be fixed! Abortion affords the woman the ability to conveniently shirk her responsibility by killing the child, whereas, for the father, he does not have a choice. He is inextricably bound by the law to support the child after the mother has made a decision to keep it. The man and woman are equally responsible for any unwanted pregnancy (this point seems to have evaded most people). Under a fair system, the man should not be forced to pay and the woman should not be forced to keep the child because they were irresponsible - especially since the present system gives women a free pass to be as irresponsible as they wish (even using pregnancy to entrap the man or his money). In no way is she forced to pay for her irresponsibility! Due to that fact alone, fathers should also have the \"convenience\" of opting out of any financial support agreements. Once abortion becomes illegal, then fathers should be forced to pay under reasonable circumstances. This petition is about fairness - and fairness alone! Since it is not in the child\'s best interest to be killed or abandoned, any situation that allows this does a profound disservice to the born or unborn child. We should either out-law abortion or revise the failed child support system immediately!!


Corey Johnson
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