Unfair Banning In World Of Warcraft

Jian Ouyang
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I can't believe it! Hundreds if not thousands of people have been banned from WoW for unfair reasons. Whether it's your account getting hacked, giving gold to your alts, or receiving gold from a friend Blizzard panics and bans you! You argue with account administration but they won't give in! Now it's time to unite voices and stand up to Blizzard like a puzzle no longer will we ask them as an individual we will unite. Stop your WoW playing friends because if we can reduce WoW's population by a million Blizzard loses $18000000 of income! Sign and get back our WoW accounts the time is NOW!




  • 8 years ago
    Justice Suh United States
    8 years ago
  • 8 years ago
    Jian Ouyang United States
    8 years ago