Unchain My HART

Cappy Jeffers
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The life of a chained or tethered dog is a life of mental anguish and physical pain. Chained or tethered dogs are neglected and suffer from isolation.  Tethered dogs become aggressive as they are stir crazy in their confined space.  Chained dogs often attack because their fight or flight is stripped and they are forced to fight each time their tiny space is invaded. Dogs are man's best friend and they are not living their dream as a family member.  They are unable to give their unconditional love they so badly want to share.  Instead, they are chained in the back yard to a tree, broken down car, or a cement post, used as an alarm system or as a status symbol. All they want is to be loved.  Please sign this petition to show your support of an anti-tethering ordinance in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  



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