Unblock Steam and Torrenting SD42

Alex Ratner
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Many students wait all morning for their lunch break. This is supposed to be a time where they can do a non academic activity and relax. Many of these students spend their breaks playing video games. The main source of these games being Steam. Without Steam there are also clubs that cannot function, such as the Thomas Haney LAN club. They rely on steam and spend most of their meets using this service. Torrenting is also used greatly by students. Many people think that all torrents are illegal but that is not true. Lots of open-source software such as LibreOffice (an alternative to Microsoft Office) rely on torrenting for their downloads. This is because it is free to share a file through torrents, but costs lots of money to get a server to have a direct download. Many students in the school cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars on Microsoft Office, so downloading LibreOffice is a necessity for them. Some of these students may not have internet at home, so without torrenting they will be stuck without a professional Word Processing application.

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