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Isaki Hoshikata/Kagyaku Enzeru was blacklisted from Mist on the grounds of: 1) Abuse of Power 2) Abuse of Loopholing 3) Abuse of council The council saw fit to remove his currently active characters from him and deemed him a bad influence on the village. This petition is asking that the playerbase back Hoshikata and get this blacklist removed and his characters returned to his control. Below are the exact reasons for the blacklist, and his refutations: "As for the list of what was decided upon by Admin as well as Council (In majority) I will point you into the direction of said things done to and against the village and towards the council. (Which also led to Shigeko's going inactive.) [u]Paraphrase[/u][list] [*]Enzeru wanted to make a Sennin ran village with an IC Council with No Kage. And it was agreed upon to have [u]NO[/u] Kage. [url=]Link here[/url] [*]COUNCIL decided who would run these branches. (OOC influencing IC, with Enzeru ringleading it) [*]Enzeru assumed Taro had gone inactive (though he was just having [url=]computer problems[/url] and someone ([url=]Enzeru[/url]) 'happened' to mark him inactive and decided to scrap everything the Council had arranged to keep the village with no kage and decided to [u]Put a Kage[/u] in power. [*]Council still wanted the Kageless village. [*]Enzeru forced an event to have a new Kage, already picking out Sennin for branches. He decided [u]IN COUNCIL[/u] he would be the new Kage. He had no IC power at the time. [url=]Link to this post[/url] [*]Suddenly everyone on Council assumes at the end of a riot a new Kage will be chosen. [*]Enzeru gets Kage after this event. [url=]Link here (Everyone take good note of words under the picture)[/url] [*]Enzeru has admittedly trolled, and harassed members on IRC about his position and opinion on Council related topics and has caused discomfort for Council to feel safe on IRC without being hounded. Logs will be provided upon request.[/list] Some Links are for Admin and Council, but all the information is there for you, as they are reasons correlating to your dismissal from Mist. However, in a firm apology from myself, you will be able to keep your PC and be forced into Rogue/Missing Nin status and may rp without fail to leave the village. Or you can take the chance and free rebirth into any village of your choice. I am firmly sorry about how things have transpired, and I hope that when this is okay'd to be brought to appeal, things would have changed. You may appeal after 90 days time. Any more questions may be directed to myself for the accuracy of statements for your benefit." Refutation: "1) The idea of a Kageless village was a joint idea between myself, Tatsuya and two other council members on IRC. I merely presented the idea on the forum. I did then and still do think it's a good idea. 2) That's rather vague wording. We decided the Sennin would jointly assume the responsibilities of the Mizukage. We decided the Jounin would run the village. We made a framework. We did not handpick people for positions. We simply said "This would be a neat idea, let's lay down a model". 3) Zenichi came on IRC and declared you inactive. He took your accesses away. I simply posted in your thread. The HEAD ADMIN forced our hand on village leadership, not to mention at the time you had let the village go without either a medical or ANBU sennin for THREE months. So yes, when you went inactive, much like we're doing with Yojimbo now, we replaced you. 4) Council? Hell, I still wanted one. But as stated elsewhere in that forum on IRC, and as I can get backing to attest to, we lacked the player participation for the idea at the time. We had two jounin, one active ANBU Captain and one active MEd Chief. The idea called for a team of these positions to handle the branch. We lacked the playerbase's cooperation. 5) I didn't force a damn thing. That event was agreed on by council. I tried to get other council members to mod the thing and none of them would. One thing to keep in mind, at this point in time if you go back and read the threads in the council area, I was the ONLY council member doing any work. I was begging for help. I went to Zenichi asking him what I could do about it. But that event was agreed upon by the majority of active council members at the time. 6) No one assumed this. We decided on it. The village had no IC leadership at all except one Sennin and one Advisor. 7) Yes, yes I did get Mizukage. Tatsuya didn't want it and I DID have an ic position of authority. I was the FA ADvisor, I was right under the sennin in authority. This was made quite clear to me via YOU on irc :\ You have a very selective memory. I was active and I was the only person with ANY IC authority that wanted it. 8) I troll. It happens. That's the entire basis of #ncmist some nights. But when asked to stop, I stop. I tell people this constantly, ask around. Kitsune in Cloud, for instance, will PM me and ask me not to make jokes about him. I apologize and I stop. How can I harass someone if they don't let me know they're actually being offended by me? Now yes, once in a while I've had a horrible day/week/divorce and I go off the handle. And then when I recover clarity I apologize to the people. I've apologized to Emy, and we had what was far less than a good relationship with each other."

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