More choice of Yankee products in the UK

frances davie
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This petition has been made to alert 'Yankee Candle' that we, people of the UK, would like a larger range of Yankee Candle products and availability, regarding, scents, products and also offers...
We see the Usa getting different scents etc and if we, people of the Uk, want these, we have to go to sites like eBay etc, which leave us stung in the pocket for import taxes and such like international postage fees... £15 postage for a few tarts only costing approx £1 each is ridiculous.
We would like to see the product range increased, as there are thousands of us who are passionate about these products and dont use any other... If we had a wider range then im sure You will agree, it would be better all round for everyone concerned... :0)





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