UK Manned Space Programme

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If successful this petition will be emailed to David Willetts who is the MP responsible for the UKSA

The aim of this petition is to ensure that the UK Space Agency (UKSA) receive an increased level of funding that would allow it to begin a manned space programme. With the development of fully reusable rockets up and running this would vastly cut the costs of space travel. If this petition is successful we the undersigned would expect the following timeline...

2013 - 2015: The development of a manned orbital vehicle capable of reaching the ISS

2015 - 2016: Further development of the manned orbital vehicle with several High Earth Orbit flights

2016-2020 : The development of a space vehicle and lunar lander capable of landing on the moon and returning to the Earth

2021: Several manned lunar missions should be completed in this year

2021 - 2023: The development of technology unnecessary to establish a Lunar Colony which would have an ever increasing population (at least 300 by 2030)

2023 - 2025: The development of technology necessary for landing and return mission mission to Mars

2026 - 2027: Several manned missions launched in this period

2027 - 2030: Using what we have learned from the Lunar Colony, develop the unnecessary technology for a Martian colony with an ever increasing population

2040: Population of Lunar colony - 1000
        Population of Martian colony - 250

2040 - 2045: Development of technology necessary for manned space flight into the outer solar system

2045 - 2055: Colonization of Jovian and Saturnian moons 

2055 - 2065: Colonization of Uranian and Neptunian moons

2065 - 2075: Manned missions to Pluto

2075 - 2085: Colonization of Pluto and other Kuiper belt object

2085 - 2100: Development of technology necessary for a manned mission to Alpha Centuari

2100+: Colonization of Alpha Centauri and expansion into the nearby star systems





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