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Ugly Betty is one of the few shows that supports women empowerment and other marginalized groups such as the LGBT community in a multi-dimensional way. Please help keep this show alive! Here are three reasons ABC should keep the show on air: 1. SUPPORTS THE EVERYDAY FAMILY: ABC prides themselves in shows that support family values. Ugly Betty is one of the VERY FEW shows centered around an everyday family with everyday problems. It is not one of those shows where the people live in a beautiful house with a pool and suffer ridiculous problems like where to go on vacation. It is a real family, who loves each other no matter what. I cannot think of ANY OTHER show on ANY OTHER STATION that has a family like this. ABC needs to have more shows like this on air to encourage strong, core family values. 2. EMPOWERS YOUNG WOMEN: America Ferrera,is a strong women of color in and out of the show. She is not one of those actresses who is always on drugs and partying. She is a young women of dignity and class, and holds it down for her community. She is THE ONLY actress on TV, who can inspire young girls of all shapes, colors, and sizes to have dignity and self-esteem. These days, more than ever, young girls are under pressure to look and act a certain way. You see young girls and women watching TV and flipping through magazines with skinny, flawless models and actresses. But this show is one of the few where young girls do NOT have to feel this way to feel important or pretty. These girls can begin to see themselves as, "Ugly Betty. " They can begin to realize that Betty has a special,timeless beauty which stems from her inner kindness, hard work, and intelligence. These qualities are true not only for the show, but off the show as well. She is one of the few actresses that may not be stereotypically "beautiful", but she has worked hard even amidst the most critical, image industry of entertainment. IF ABC cancels this show what does it say about their support of empowering young women? 3. SUPPORTS THE LGBT COMMUNITY: This show is THE ONLY SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF TV that shows the struggles of a young, gay teenager. There have NOT been any other shows to create this kind of character. This character is vital for everyday families, especially Catholic families, to learn how to understand and love their family member(s) even though they may not be comfortable with their family member's sexuality. Justin's character brings to light the struggles of being a young, gay man in high school, and the pain that comes from being discriminated against. However, despite these adversities, his strength comes from the love of his family and his mentor, Marc. Many families may not understand how to cope with the fact that their son or daughter or other family member is gay or lesbian. But, this show does not emphasize having to understand why or how it happened. It only emphasizes that love and support of this family member's sexuality, is what keeps the family strong. It emphasizes the fact that just because someone is gay or lesbian, does NOT mean that they are any different from the family member that you love and care about.

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