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Throughout the last sixty years, an unimaginable number of American service members, United States government officials, and civilians have been witness to various aspects of the UFO Phenomena. Over 600 witnesses, as reported in The Truth About Roswell by Thomas J. Carey and Donald Schmidt, played witness to the July 1947 crash recovery and retrieval of a strange craft and its occupants by the U.S. military. Many of the same witnesses were located and interviewed in the earlier investigation undertaken by nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman, which he documented in several books and numerous articles, such as Top Secret/Majic and Crash at Corona. Of the witnesses that reported what they knew were enlisted men and women and officers of the United States Army, the United States Army Air Corps (which became the United States Air Force), employees of the various departments of the United States government, employees of the various companies and corporations contract by the U.S. Government to study the recovered crash debris for technological advances, employees of the various companies and corporations contracted to autopsy and study the deceased occupants of this craft, and a multitude of civilian witnesses who observed parts or all of the craft and its occupants. Since that time, other military crash recovery and retrieval operations are reported to have occurred across the contiguous United States, opportunities for the United States Government to recover many examples of technology that, according to the testimony of numbers of witnesses, are not of this world. In each instance, the same classes of people as listed above have been involved in the various stages of the recovery and study of each of these crafts. Within this time period, many witnesses have ascertained, with varying and at times substantial evidence, that the United States Government has developed a relationship(s) with one or more of those who are not of this planet. Within this time period, many citizens of the United States have reported interactions with peoples described as not of this world, as significantly different from the accepted physical description of a Human Being. These citizens have often experienced terrifying episodes of encounters with, abductions by, and painful procedures performed on them by peoples described as not of this world. Many of those noted above, including civilians, government employees, and military service members, have experienced varying degrees of harassment by official appearing individuals who warn them with bodily and mortal harm against continuing to speak about their experiences to others, such as investigators, researchers, journalists, etc. Included in these threats are the witness' loved ones. Some of those noted above appear to have become victims of “murder with motives”. Beyond the expected motive of silencing a person with knowledge of some aspect of the UFO Secret, the acts serve as a warning to others who have inadvertently come into possession of like knowledge to be silent. For those who have already divulged what they know and are in turn mysteriously found deceased, the motive seems to be revenge upon them for speaking out. The UFO Secret is, in all expectation, the biggest secret of the last two thousand years, and one of the biggest in all of Human history! Despite the incredible magnitude of a secret such as this, the number of benefits and beneficiaries of the UFO Secret are boundless! From curing diseases and improving quality of life, from ending hunger and famine to cleaning and ending environmental pollution, from ending America's and the world's dependence on fossil fuels for transportation to improved modes of transportation methods, from undersea exploration to space exploration, the beneficiaries, the Human Beings who stand to live a better life in a more beautiful world are numberless! The facts derived from these investigations have intentionally and consciously been made available for review and reporting on by the MAINSTREAM AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA. The investigators and authors of these investigations have been available for interview by the MAINSTREAM AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA. Despite this environment of openness on the part of civilian investigators, researchers, and scientists, the MAINSTREAM AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA has neglected to provide appropriate news coverage for the American people. The MAINSTREAM AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA has failed to undertake their own impartial, in-depth investigations of the allegations made over the previous sixty years. Such has been left to the individual civilian investigators, researchers, scientists, and unaffiliated or amateur journalists who publish outside and separate from the MAINSTREAM AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA. The UNDERSIGNED demand that the MAINSTREAM AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA immediately undertake appropriate and open investigations of the above noted incidents, and provide unbiased and thorough reporting of the same. The UNDERSIGNED demand that the MAINSTREAM AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA respect the facts, the witnesses, and the reports of sightings and/or interactions with Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and their occupants. During the previous sixty years, news reporters and personalities have treated the subject of UFO's with derision and ridicule, portraying witnesses and victims as mentally and/or emotionally unbalanced and not to be believed, worthy only of a lighthearted moment and a demeaning smile. The UNDERSIGNED demand that the MAINSTREAM AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA provide the same doggedness and unwavering dedication to the thorough investigation and reporting that it has devoted to such topics as the Watergate Affair, the Iran-Contra Affair, and the multitudinous allegations of misconduct by elected officials. The UNDERSIGNED further demand that such activities be undertaken immediately and with haste on the part of the MAINSTREAM AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA. As time goes on, memories could fade, invaluable witnesses could pass away, priceless and irreplaceable evidence could be lost. Enough time has already passed. Enough valuable time has been wasted. Proper investigation and reporting must be undertaken immediately and with haste.




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