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UD Players on Strike

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The game is broken. It\'s been broken for a while now, and the new modification to headshot doesn\'t fix the problem, it makes it worse. So the senior members of the RRF and many others are going on strike until it\'s fixed. We\'re asking players on both sides of the game to call it quits until such time as the system is repaired and headshot either removed or converted into something that doesn\'t magnify the human character advantage into a nigh-invincible edge that renders one side of the game useless. There\'s no point in trying to bring new players into the game as zombie players when the class has been reduced to simple punching bag status. New zombies are already screwed by high AP stand-up costs and high AP movement costs. Anything that magnifies that problem is simply going to result in more frustrated zombie players quitting the game. I\'d hate to walk away from this game, not for the game itself so much as the fact that it\'s brought some damn good playing groups together, such as the RRF, the Gingerbreads, the Minions, and a host of other groups that have been fun as allies and fun as enemies. But when the game mechanics themselves skew against one side in the form of a broken and incredibly common skill, there\'s not much point left in playing. We\'re going to put together an online petition and send it Kevan\'s way. We\'d appreciate it if all the zombie players out there, and human players who actually want a competitive game instead of an XP-farming turkey shoot, join in both the strike and the petition. The situation was already fucking ridiculous and teetering on the edge of killing the game. The new UBER-CRATES of doom combined with a new variety of nerf Well... Fuck this shit. Strike.


Ridleybank Resistance Front www.ridleybank.org


UD forum strike thread: http://zombies.desensitised.net/board/index.phptopic=4599 Axe headshot vote: http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Suggestions/18th-Dec-2005#Axe_Headshot Not have Zombies vote: http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Suggestions/8th-Dec-2005#Not_Have_Zombies
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