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The Student Body of UCL has No Confidence in UCLU

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The UCL student body believes that UCLU is no longer an organisation which represents its members and as such seeks a motion of no confidence in UCLU. The following is a list of grievances which UCLU members believe is unacceptable in a democratic and representative organisation: 1.) That Clubs and Societies do not receive adequate financial, organisational or administrative support from UCLU and its officers and have to contend with excessive amounts of bureaucracy at all times. 2.) That UCLU does not give sufficient attention to campaigns regarding campus facilities and the welfare of its members while instead spending a disproportionate amount of time on external campaigns which do not represent the interests of it members. 3.) That Union Council meetings are no longer conducted in a transparent way which engages with its members and papers from the meetings are not published until long after the meeting has taken place. 4.) That the recent decision to cancel the UCL .v. King's Varsity match by UCLU was not taken in the best interests of its members and is but one example of UCLU's failure to support the interests of the majority.


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