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UA08 Interpretation Proposal for Unamended Believers

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We the undersigned are members of various Christadelphian ecclesias. The primary doctrinal issue that divides our two communities is the issue of the Enlightened Rejector and Responsibility to the Judgment Seat of Christ.   It is apparent that there is some ambiguity regarding exactly what beliefs the UA08 agreement requires of those in the Unamended community regarding the responsibility issue (see link below for full UA08 document).    Does it for example, imply full endorsement of the content of Clause 24 of the BASF as some maintain, or is there some freedom of conscience on the issue? This memorandum sets out five basic principles of what the Bible teaches on this issue  culled from previous reunion agreements, as a proposal for interpreting the meaning and intent of the UA08 document as it relates to Unamended believers.

This memo proposes that these five basic principles listed below are a valid means of interpreting the intent of the UA08 agreement on this doctrinal issue without the requirement of any additional affirmations, and that assent to these five basic principles  by  Unamended believers is a sufficient basis on which to extend fellowship at the Lord's table to such individuals by UA08 ecclesias.
The purpose of this "petition" is to determine if there is significant “grass roots” support from both fellowships for such a proposal. 

1. From creation all mankind have been subject to the Creator and to Divine Authority. 
2. A person’s obligation to God is directly related to that person’s knowledge and understanding of God’s ways and purpose. 
3. God will raise from the dead, judge, reward or punish whomsoever He will, baptized or unbaptized. 
4. Responsibility to God is known only by Him, and we can with thankfulness leave such matters in His hands. “Shall not the judge of all the earth do right?” 
5. No person can evade any form of the judgments of God including the possibility of being raised from the dead for punishment, by refusing to be baptized. 
We believe that assent to these five principles by an Unamended believer relating to this doctrinal issue, without any additional affirmations, should be  sufficient for a  UA08 ecclesia to extend fellowship at the Lord's Table to such an individual or to an ecclesia that formally embraces this interpretation of the UA08 agreement.
Do you agree with these 5 principles relating to responsibility as stated above?
Do you believe these 5 principles are sufficient as stated without any additional affirmations, to describe the intent of what the UA08 agreement requires of  Unamended believers relating to the responsibility issue?
Do you agree that  members of the Unamended community who agree to these 5 principles without reservation,  should be welcomed to "break bread" by a UA08 ecclesia without any additional affirmations?

If you are able to respond “yes” to all three questions, please add your NAME followed by your ECCLESIA where it says NAME below (e.g. John Doe,  Springdale, NY).
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While this proposal is primarily of interest to Christadelphians in North America, it is open to Christadelphians anywhere in the world. If there is sufficient “grass roots” support for the understanding contained in this memo from both Unamended and Amended brothers and sisters (say, at least 200+ signatures), then this support will be communicated to all current UA08 ecclesias for their consideration. No other use will be made of this information. The cut-off date will be December 31, 2010.
This memo was drafted by Bro. Richard Farrar of the Woodstock Ecclesia, as a private initiative,  with helpful input from others in both fellowships.


Privately drafted by Richard Farrar with input from others in both communities


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