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Tyler Perry's House of Payne

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Turner Broadcasting System: We as Tyler Perry’s House of Payne viewers have become very exasperated with the way you all have been treating the show. As viewers we expect to see a television show for a whole season without breaks; however you all seem to be giving us numerous: long, unexpected and unannounced hiatuses which causes us to become very confused with not only the story line but when the show will return. We as viewers think that you all could agree that the House of Payne (HOP) ratings have decline drastically over the last two years. When the show initially aired it was the “Highest rated television show in cable history”. Initially breaking a record and premiering with 5.8 million viewers. The show itself lost some viewers then later began to regain them averaging in about 3.2 million viewers every Wednesday night. However once you all began giving us an unexpected hiatus we all can agree that the ratings dropped and it is obvious why. The viewers are not going to know when to tune back in for brand new episodes of HOP, also you tend to move the shows time without notice. At first you aired it at 8 then it gradually moved to 10 then back to 8. People have to work and study and when they want to relax and watch their favorite show they want to know when to tune in and not have to guess around. Even so, they should be able to at least go to the official site of HOP which is but no one seems to ever update the sites page. We as viewers are dumbfounded and unsure if you all over at Turner Broadcasting System are being lazy or if you just don’t want to put your time and effort into one of your highest rated shows. The HOP site is well out-dated and is hardly ever updated! The video section constantly gives us viewers issues weather it’s the video not working or the video not even being posted when it should be. Also recently you ordered 46 episodes of HOP; you started airing the episodes on November 4th of 2009. Now it is July of 2010 and we still are waiting for the last few episodes (six to be exact). At first we as viewers assumed we were getting unexpected hiatuses because you wanted to increase the rating on your other shows such as Lopez Tonight, Meet the Brown, and Are We There Yet. However there doesn’t seem to be an increase in ratings as you all continue to keep us waiting for more of our show. We also noticed that you’re not only doing this to HOP viewers but other of your show’s viewers as well. In this petition we are asking for the return of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. Once it has returned we are asking for less hiatuses, if at all none. But when there is an upcoming hiatus to let us be informed. Also we would like for you to keep someone updating the official HOP site. Because you all did not update the fans with information about the show one of the show’s viewers from the HOP fan forum took it upon herself to create a site for the show. This should not be the case if you all do what you are supposed to do. Which is playing the television shows at the time that they are supposed to be aired and update the site regularly. Also by reading the fan forums you all can get some positive feedback from there as well. Thank you for acknowledging this petition and we hope to see changes in the way Turner Broadcasting System does their work well into the near future. We hope to hear a response from you granting our wish thanks once again Your Loyal House of Payne viewers #TEAMPAYNE Also the writer of this petition would love to help moderate the HOP site if necessary. Not only for Tyler Perry’s House of Payne but for the whole site in general if you would like to get in contact with this person please contact them at

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