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Bring Back our SUKK

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HELLO ALL KUMKUMTANIANS AS YOU KNOW ME I AM TWINKLE ON INDIAFORUMS AND BELOW IS A VERY IMPORTANT DEBATE REQUESTING FOR A SEASON OF KUMKUM TO BE STARTED WHEN HUSSAIN RETURNS TO WORK FROM HOLIDAY... KUMKUM COMEBACK... YAAD HAI VO PARIVAAR VO EKTA PYAR ISHQ AUR MOHABAAT USKI KHATIR.... KUMKUM FAMILY AND ITS UNITY HAS KEPT US BINDED TOGETHER. KUMKUM IS A FAMILY AS HUSSAIN AND JUHI SAID IN MANY INTERVIEWS. HUSSAIN AND JUHI SAID ONCE IN AN INTERVIEW THAT WE HOPEFULLY WANT KUMKUM TO REACH 2000 EPISODES! KUMKUM HAS ENDED VERY UNFAIRLY AND NO SERIAL HAS HAD A IMPROPER ENDING AS KUMKUM U ALL INDIA FORUM MEMBERS LET ME ASK U A QUESTION: WHAT WAS THE REASON 4 ALL U MEETING EACH OTHER... HOW DID WE ALL BECOME A FAMILY AND MADE BEST FRIENDS... THE ANSWER IS KUMKUM EK PYARA SA BANDHAN KUMKUM IS HIGHLY RESPECTED WHICH HAD MADE HUSSAIN FAMOUS N WORLDWIDE POPULAR WHO WON THE FAVOURITE PATI MANY TIMES IN A ROW...ITS MADE THEM WHAT THEY ARE TODAY....... REMEMBER HOW KUMKUM HAD ACHIEVED THE HIGHEST TRPS! AND BY THE WAY STAR PLUS PRODUCERS WHEN KUMKUM WAS IN THE TOP 10 OF THE TRPS ON WEEK ENDING MARCH 13 WHY DID U END IT JUST THINK PEOPLE WHO CANNOT AFFORD A COMPUTER THEY CANNOT GIVE FEEDBACK TO U IN WRITING SAYING YES WE LOVE KUMKUM ALL THEY AND WE DO IS PRAY PRAY AND PRAY SO WHYYYYYYY!!!! Many reports have come on other dramas which has made me upset and i am sure all of u too. All this has let down kumkum lovers but has given us a NEW FIGHTING SPIRIT!!! The Race for Dr. Riddhima's post - Producer's take.. LINK: As you see how public demand has dominated the producers and they are urging shilpa to come back. You guys may think kumkum has finished so what can we do now. My answer to this is simple: have Dil Mil Gaye lovers stopped supporting the show even though it has been many months since shilpa left i have seen yet high response to attempt kumkum comeback for a new season through many pms to me from you guys. Appreciate it a million BELOW ARE THE REPORTS WHICH BACK UP OUR APPEAL. IF THESE DRAMAS CAN BE GIVEN A CHANCE WHY CANT KUMKUM Naaginn to be back after seasonal break.. Link: As you read naaginn has cleared out it is not going off air but taking a seasonal break. kumkum definitely deserved that and has to have a seasonal break. Banu Main Teri Dulhan has two months link: Dulhan was going to off air same time as kumkum but has now 2 months. It is very likely that it will stay cos the fans love it. But we also love kumkum and kumkum should have been given this chance too. so many ways to save kumkum but star plus has not promoted kumkum and this whole speech of mine has to be heard because this is unfair. And the most important KUMKUM PYARA SA BANDHAN was in the top 10 of TRPS!!!!!!!! Conclusion: If we unite we can bring kumkum back for a new season as the stars will be fresh n fit with positive energy. The whole team is very put down especially hussain so there is space Again we are all hoping for a sequel for kumkum to come after hussain returns from break as he said so... I REQUEST ALL OF U TO COME AND SIGN AND SO LEAVE COMMENTS I AND WE ARE AIMING FOR AT LEAST MORE THAN 80,000 SIGNS SO PLZ PLZ PLZ ALL OF U TELL ALL KUMKUM FANS, ALL OF U OUT THERE TELL UR FAMILIES BROTHERS SISTERS FRIENDS AND THEIR FRIENDS EVERYONE CAN U BELIEVE IT! Petitions with names of more than 70,000 PEOPLE, emails and letters are being sent for hiten gauri SINCE A YEAR AND A HALF and we all kumkumtanians have to encourage everyone to help and mail and soon our article will come that we r flooding them with mails AND WE REALLLLYYYYYYYYY WANT KUMKUM EK PYARA SA BANDHAN BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU MAKE US WHAT WE ARE AND YOU MAKE THE SUCCESS OF THE PROGRAM WHICH IS ALL OF OUR LIFE SO PLZ DONT STOP AS IT ALL LIES IN UNITY WHICH IS GONNA MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD........

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