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The BBC's responsibility to put back

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The majority of viewer’s world-wide are now seeing high quality wildlife programmes with almost no reference to conservation. So they, quite reasonably, will be surprised to learn in, say, 10yrs time that the Orang Utans, Pygmy Chimps, Bluefin Tuna or flying frogs are extinct - Why didn't they warn us They will ask. The answer is the fault of the system. It's apparently bad for rating’s to bring bad news; to get viewer’s concerned about why palm oil companies and their share holders are depriving Orangs of their home; why Pygmy Chimps are threatened by mobile phones; Tuna by the craze for healthy sushi and flying frogs by the demand, not just from loggers but from those who buy furniture or conservatories made from rain forests stocks. It is indeed discomforting to learn these things. But so it is with the Health Service; traffic congestion; terrorism; the list goes on & on everyday on television, radio and in the press. In the meantime wildlife television gets into ever-greater debt to the planet. And it could well be delivering a generation with a confrontational view of nature. As Discovery drives the BBC into increasing "jeopardy", with more and more, "ruthless, fearless predators", "Ultimate killers", "battlefields" and "weird nature", the monopoly tightens it's grip. To an incoming Martian seeing TV, it would seem there are only about one dozen species on our planet. "Fang TV" - snakes and crocodiles (often pointlessly wrestled with), sharks, tigers, bears, lions, gorillas, elephants... you know them all. Not many insects, except dangerous or wow factor ones. Cumulatively, over time, the real world and it's problems remain hidden, despite the idea that current wildlife films reveal true nature! Lets hope the public wont be fooled. And above all, many care about their only home, the Earth, and about whether their children and grandchildren will inherit something worth inheriting and so at present wildlife television is letting them down badly & ripping off Nature in the process. If you want the BBC to make changes and start taking responsibility i.e. not just take, but also put back, then please sign this petition and ask your friends to too. Just think what a difference the BBC could make, even if at the end of the 'Life' episodes, lets say, they included a web address or suggestion of a way to support a charity working with a particular featured species or community that needs our help... they manage it so brilliantly with 'Children in Need'. Let's turn this around. Cliche I know but united we stand, divided we fall, so thank you very much for your time, commitment, voice and signature.


Ella Todd www.environmentfilms.org
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