The Petition for Tumblr to Add a Dislike Button

Anna Troll
Anna Troll 1 Comments
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On Tumblr, users are able to "reblog" and "like" (and sometimes "answer" and/or "reply") text, photos, audio, and video posted by the people they are following. However, there is not a "dislike" option. While it is understandable that, logically, it makes more sense for people to simply do nothing with the post in question if they don't like it, it would also make sense for people to be able to actively show that they dislike it - or, more likely, that it makes them sad to see it, but that they are glad that they did. We, as Tumblr users, propose that a broken-heart-shaped "dislike" button be added to the list of available actions on the dashboard and on people's personal blog posts.






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