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Tumblr inactive url Requests system

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Tumblr is flooded with good, easy to search urls, with inactive accounts, meaning, they have been there since tumblr started, and have not been used SINCE. also, some of the really good urls were taken, and when I visit one, it led to another site, THAT HAS BEEN DELETED. this is a waste of a url, and it's cluttering tumblr. these accounts have absolutely no posts, and the just sit there, while other users are signing up with long names like allthegoodurlsaretaken and then the really long ones with the dashes t-h-i-s-u-r-l , which no ones really going to type into google,and it's getting out of control, i mean, who's going to type all of that into a search bar? it's spamming tumblr, so I went to tumblr with this idea, and they keep avoiding my questions, BUT they did present my idea to the team. I believe these urls should be given to active tumblr users, WHO WANTS them more than anything. Since some {most tumblr users, hell the things addictive} tumblr users are active everyday, log on everyday, they have a right to the desired url they want if not yet taken by an ACTIVE account. I also gave tumblr the idea of, a requests sytem, meaning they can set up an alternate email EX: URLS@TUMBLR.COM that people can email and ask for the url they want, and I added a catch to it, one you requests one url, you cannot request another. so basically if you request the name "dance" you cannot request another url again, you can still change it, but you cannot request another inactive url. that's selfish, to try and take all those urls. but for the most part if you request a url you really want that's as good and simple as dance, WHY WOULD YOU EVER WANT TO CHANGE IT AGAIN? so please support my idea.

Addition: some of you are wondering if the old urls/accounts will be deleted, and what if they come back, well, I had the idea that if the accounts url is requested, the account won't be deleted, tumblr can change the url , for example,say if you requested dance, it would look something like this: to
and if the user so happens to return the emailaddressand password will be the same, but the account name will change, and they will be able to change their url or keep the _old at the end of it if they want.

Sponsor if you have any questions message my tumblr. :]


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