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Dear Mr. Marchuk, Thank you for responding to our concern regarding the TRW workers in Reynosa. Your response shows that TRW Automotive is not aware of Mexican Law procedures and also that local management of TRW Vehicle Systems is not accurately reporting to TRW headquarters. The workers of TRW in Industrial Park Del Norte formed the Workers Coalition of TRW on April 10th, 2009, in keeping with their exercise of the right to freedom of association, consistent with Mexican Labor Law, the Mexican Constitution, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 87th and 98th ILO Conventions. Therefore, the agreement between TRW local management and the local union you mention does not apply to the TRW Workers Coalition, since these workers are not members of the local union. The local union can only reach a legally-binding agreement for their members.. Furthermore, the secretary general of the local union in Reynosa, Javier Hernandez Salas, declared in the newspaper and on the TV news on April 16th,, 2009, that he does not have any relationship with the workers who formed the TRW Workers Coalition. He also stated that of the 800 workers who used to work at TRW, only 50 remained as members of the local union. These are the workers who were relocated to the Reynosa Industrial Park and who are actually working in the warehouse that TRW improvised in Reynosa Industrial Park for the relocated workers. The following is a link to the Reynosa newspaper with the local union secretary general's declaration that we mention above: SE DESLINDA JAVIER HERNANDEZ DE TRABAJADORES DE LA EMPRESA TRW http://www.reynosanews.com/home.phpstart_from=520&ucat=&archive=&subaction=&id=& The local union cannot oblige the workers of the TRW Workers Coalition to join the local union that made the agreement with TRW Vehicle Systems in Reynosa. Neither can the local management of Reynosa blacklist these workers just because they exercised their right to freedom of association. For this reason, and in keeping with Mexican Labor Law, TRW local management in Reynosa does not have any other choice than to negotiate with the TRW Workers Coalition concerning the terms of their relocation or, alternatively, pay them severance and back pay. If the local union reached an agreement with TRW local management in Reynosa, as you indicated in your message, why thenhas the lawyer for the local union registered complaints against TRW with the labor board for the same reasons as the 300 complaints presented by the TRW Workers Coalition Regarding transportation, the TRW Workers Coalition is demanding that TRW Reynosa provide them PERMANENT transportation from strategic sites chosen because they are locations near to where the workers live. TRW local management has told the workers that they will have transportation ONLY FOR THREE MONTHS and that the pick up point for the bus will be Del Norte Industrial Park. This means that the workers will have to leave their homes before 5:00 a.m. to reach Industrial Park del Norte where they used to work, in order to board a bus that will then take them to TRW Industrial Park Reynosa by 6:10 a.m. According to the TRW Workers Coalition, TRW local management has set up assembly lines for the TRW Workers of Del Norte in an improvised warehouse that was formerly used to store raw material for TRW Reynosa production. The size of the warehouse is half the size of the facility where they have been working and will not provide enough space to accommodate 800 more workers. In addition, the Workers Coalition members are concerned about the fact that TRW local management has placed two signs at the entrance to TRW Reynosa Park. The first sign has an arrow pointing to the right indicating the way that the workers of TRW Electronic in Reynosa must follow to their facility. This path is attractive, with green areas and benches. The other sign has an arrow pointing to the left indicating the route that TRW del Norte workers should follow to their assembly lines. The workers said that this route leads through the parking lot, forcing workers to dodge moving trailer trucks in order to reach the warehouse. They consider this route unsafe and believe that it poses the potential for serious accidents. The TRW Workers Coalition is willing to negotiate with local management, but local management has refused to do so. We encourage TRW leadership in Livonia, Michigan, to investigate very closely the TRW local management of Reynosa, because it seems that what they are reporting to you is not accurate. We demand that the management of TRW del Norte, DOES NOT blacklist workers who are simply exercising their rights. TRW is violating Mexican Labor Law and the Mexican Constitution by doing so. We urge TRW to respect the workers' rights, negotiate with the Workers Coalition, and reach an agreement about the terms of their relocation or pay them severance and back pay. Sincerely


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