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The Trump Portrait/Painting 'Unafraid And Unashamed' To Hang In The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery

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We petition the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery to hang The Trump Portrait/Painting 'Unafraid And Unashamed' in the National Portrait Gallery In Washington D.C. during the inauguration of President Elect Donald J. Trump on January the 20th, 2017.

The highly symbolic and spiritual Trump Portrait/Painting 'Unafraid And Unashamed' created in the summer of 2015 By Artist Julian Raven has been part of the passionate grassroots historic Trump campaign from the beginning.

Unveiled in the first grassroots rally for Donald Trump And Mayor Daniel Mandell in Elmira, New York on November the 1st, 2015. The Trump Portrait began its historic journey.

From the Iowa Caucuses back in January/February of 2016, the Trump Painting/Portrait has been seen as part of the historic and victorious grassroots effort for Donald J. Trump.

Artist, Trump grassroots campaigner, New York Alternate Delegate, New Born US Citizen and Preacher Julian Raven has boldly and passionately campaigned for Donald Trump as he was inspired to do from the beginning.

After the dramatic signs and life changing inspiration of the Trump Portrait/Painting 'Unafraid And Unashamed' back on July 2016 and the nearly 600 hours it took to complete the huge, nearly 8x16 foot painting on canvas in its finished dimensions, the painting began its historic journey.

As the only pro Trump portrait/painting to champion Donald Trump from the beginning, its participation in history has been dramatically recorded.

The painting served as a backdrop to multiple grassroots Trump rallies. On the side of a 20 foot box truck, the image of the painting was seen all over Iowa on the 5700 mile grassroots campaign.

Then to New York City, when a copy of the Trump Portrait hangs in the Trump Campaign headquarters since November 30th, 2015.

The image and story of the painting has been seen across the country and across the world. From the New York Times, The Washington Free Beacon, Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal to the BBC, EL Pais and media in the far east all the way to Japan, Israel, Russia and China.

Individuals have had dramatic reactions to the experience of the massive Trump Portrait. From loud vocal reactions of amazement to one man standing rubbing his arms up and down as he explained they were full of goosebumps! One woman stood silently as the painting was unveiled and remained silent. Staring at the painting, the woman said nothing. The artist stood uncomfortably as most people make some vocal expression of awe wondering what she thought, imagining she did not like it. Later the woman emailed the artist and apologized, explaining she was rendered speechless by the experience! Even liberal anti trump protesters, Bernie Sanders supporters, Black Lives Matter protesters would show great respect to the art, expressing admiration to the work whilst expressing their dislike of Trump.

In June of 2016, the Trump Portrait and Painting was invited to be part of the Nation's top political art show in Los Angeles at Politicon 2016. The 'Art Of Politics' curated by Yosi Sergant, inspiration behind the Obama painting 'Hope And Change', White House liaison for the arts and National Endowment for the Arts Director of communications, hung works by Shepherd Fairey, SABO, Robbie Conal and other prominent artists in the political art world. The painting was hung with the world famous Obama painting 'Hope And Change' by Shepherd Fairey and seen by thousands of people in Pasadena California at the Convention Center.

Following the election to represent New York State at the Republican National Convention as an Alternate Delegate, Artist Julian Raven would take a copy of the Trump Portrait to be seen all over the world for 4 days.

The 8 foot canvas copy of the Trump Painting was seen in Cleveland's public square by thousands of people. Trump supporters, protesters and media, the respect the image commanded spoke volumes even to anti Trump protesters! The attention was nothing but staggering over the 4 day period as it was the only pro Trump image or painting in the Public Square. Untold numbers of people, Trump supporters and not supporters, took photos with the copy of the painting.

The Painting was also on display at the historic Cleveland Renaissance Hotel where the New York Delegation was located. Speakers there included Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, Senators, Congressman and many other prominent Republicans.

The greatest moment at the RNC convention was during the convention when Trump Org. Executive Lynne Patton spoke. The image of the Trump portrait had been included in the historic and viral video produced by Lynne Patton 'The Trump Family I know' which was shown on screen during the convention. Over 50 million people world wide were watching the convention and were exposed to the image of the painting during the featured video.

After more grassroots Trump rallies, appearances in grassroots videos across the country, the Trump Portrait was seen at GOP dinners with Senator Tom Omara, Assemblyman Friend, Elmira Mayor Mandell, Chairman Strange, Chairman Cady, Assemblyman Palmesano and many other political dignitaries from upstate New York as Julian Raven spoke during these most distinguished events.

The Trump Portrait And Painting was also included in the Huffington Post's online election political art gallery 'If This Art Could Vote'. Amongst hundreds of anti Trump art, it was the only pro Trump Portrait/Painting to be included!

People all across the country have repeatedly said how they would like to see the painting hanging in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. The time has come since the dramatic and historic win by President Elect Donald J. Trump to hang this historic work of art in its rightful place in art history. Since it is the only portrait/painting to have not only been created at the beginning of this historic election, but predicted that Donald Trump would become The 45th president Of The United States Of America since it depicts Donald J. Trump as President!

For more information: http://www.thetrumppainting.com


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