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A petition to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to blow the crooked establishment parties apart by both agreeing to run independent

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Both candidates stand for anti-establishment politics and there is nothing more powerful that they could do to break down the rigged 2 party system than by both running independent.

Fear of handing the election to the other established party prevents either side from doing this, but an agreement between both candidates to run independently would destroy the monopoly of established parties and bring real choice into American politics, likely establishing a new 4 party system and leading to a need to end 1st past the post politics.

Both the democrats and republican primaries have been an embarrassment to watch, with a state simply being handed to Trumps opponents, and the DNC openly canvassing for one candidate, H.Clinton using online paid 'correction agency' which we are appalled to see from Russian and Chinese governments, many allegations of voter fraud, or deliberate disenfranchisement has to end, previous generations gave their lives for democracy and right now the American public don't have it.

An agreement between Trump and Sanders to run independent would change the broken, embarrassing 2 party system forever.

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