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Demand science and the medical industry accept existing cures that cannot be patented.

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My name is David Flowers and I have spent the last 16 years developing an understanding of how the human immune system can be effectively controlled and used in a manner that will allow it to cure most if not all diseases known to man without the use of any technology or products.  Believe it or not, we have always been able to heal long before modern technology, drugs and acupuncture.

Clearly we have either been created to heal and cure ourselves or we have evolved to heal and cure ourselves or both.  My work is solid proof that medical science and the entire medical industry ignores the fact that we are already equipped to heal and cure ourselves of any disease.  I'm not talking about miracles or woo woo, I'm talking about a pure righteous science.  True cures will not make a blind man see or make a paralyzed person walk but it will cure any disease that causes blindness or paralysis and if done in time prevent the two conditions. 

The whole medical industry has ignored man's ability to heal and cure all diseases because the cures cannot be patented and sold.  You already have what you need to heal and cure yourself or your family or friends so there is nothing you lack except the knowledge.  The medical industry refuses to validate True Cures because it cannot patent True Cures. 

This petition will be used to try and force the American Government into stepping up putting health and healing before pharmaceutical companies who are not only in charge of the medical industry but are one of the major powers in control of the US government and US media.  Please read the full details and sign.

I have been fighting the system alone for sixteen years trying to get science and the media to validate True Cures for diseases medicine cannot cure and have been completely ignored.  I have contacted many media groups and literally hundreds and hundreds of research centers, universities, skeptic groups, clinics and independent scientist without finding anyone interested in existing cures that cannot be patented and sold by the medical industry.

Duke and University of Florida's Dr. Bryan Cullen and Dr. David Bloom apparently head up the leading herpes research yet they have completely ignored my claims and pleas to show them that the human immune system can already consistently cure herpes without any modern technology or medicine.

CNN and Boise's Channel 7  KTVB News have also ignored all my pleas to have them investigate my claims.

I am currently in the process of applying for some validation through the James Randi Educational Foundation, a skeptics group that is offering a ONE MILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE.  It isn't about the winning a million dollars, the challenge is to get validation for True Cures because no one else will and people should have the right to choose whether or not they want a cure, even if the cure cannot be patented or if they want a life long treatment to go with a life of suffering.  The James Randi Educational Foundation has a million dollars on the line so seriously doubt they will allow me to take the challenge when True Cures is a shoe in to win.

I would like to share the original very rough draft.  It is a draft because I wish to prepare it without any wiggle room for the JREF.   Any advice will be welcomed and appreciated.

I David Flowers will take twenty people with severe and potentially deadly food allergies and cure at least seventy five percent of them within fourteen days, if not all twenty.  I am well aware of the the potential for sabotage so I wish to hedge my bet knowing full well that no one else or no form of medicine can cure seventy five percent of their clients or patients who suffer from severe and potentially deadly food allergies.  I will not use any products and it will not be tested as a blind test at any time.  If need be, I can will be happy to cull out those who are trying to sabotage the test at any time and do so with my natural abilities to detect whether a person is or isn't cured.  In a nutshell I can provide a consistent cure to anyone who wants to be cured and is willing to follow directions and protocol.  You can't force a person to heal or cure them self, you can only let them and I can tell if someone is sabotaging the work by not following directions and would like to cull them out with my "super special" abilities if need be.

True Cures is the act of controlling the immune system and its immune responses to cure diseases medicine cannot or will not cure.  To control an immune response, there must be communication between myself and my test subjects so no blind studies.  The point of the challenge is that I can see to it that anyone wishing to be cured of severe and potentially deadly food allergies can be cured without the use of any modern technology, products or medicine, proving the human immune system is indeed fully capable of immunity.  I will require the test subject to avoid close to all sugars and carbohydrates, antiperspirants, deodorants, caffeine and all other chemical products.  Test subjects will also be required to sleep no less than 10 hours a day and test subjects will be required to drink at least a half a gallon of clean pure water.  The results will be established when the test subjects come in contact and consume the foods they were medically diagnosed as allergic to.  If there is no OBVIOUS visible allergic reaction I win, if there is an obvious reaction JREF wins.  Obvious reaction would be swelling, hives, redness and any other obvious sign of a reaction that is visible to witnesses.  Scientifically speaking I will prove that the placebo effect can be virtually 100% effective in curing severe and potentially deadly food allergies.

True Cures works equally well for curing all diseases.  Diseases are easily cured but True Cures is not a miracle.  It will not reverse any permanent damage so it is imperative people be cured before permanent damage sets in.

Why should you sign this petition?

You should sing this petition if you want to be cured of any disease medicine and medical science cannot or will not cure.

You should sign this petition if you would like the American Government and the American medical industry to off existing cures for disease they are not curing today, even if the cures cannot be patented or even profitable.

You should sign this petition if you want to see science embrace and accept cures that they cannot currently explain instead of destroying the validity of such cures by dismissing them as invalid by disposing of them as placebo.

I hope people will sign this petition to help me force the American Government to oversee a full, complete, unbiased, honest, open to the public, scientific investigation of True Cures, not for the purpose of destroying cures they cannot explain but for validating the consistency of cures they cannot explain.

There will be no double or triple blind studies or test in regards to true cures that cannot be patented.  The research and investigation will be for the purpose of proving consistency of the cures brought about by True Cures which modern mainstream science cannot or will not explain.  For True Cures to work, it must be used correctly.  Sign the petition if you want to see science embrace cures for the very first time in the past 50 to 100 years.

Without this petition, science will continue to dismiss cures that cannot be patented.  Without this petition science will debunk endless cures because they cannot explain them or because they refuse to explain them.

This petition can be used to help force science to embrace every cure they attempted to destroy though double and triple blind studies and testing.  Before you dismiss this because of the seemingly practical use of blind studies and testing, understand this, NO SCIENTIST dismisses the effectiveness of the placebo effect.  Matter of fact, science is well aware that the placebo effect is more effective than their own medicines so do not dismiss this petition because it uses the word "placebo".  Familiarize yourself with how effective the placebo has proven to be throughout all of science and them remember if it wasn't the sugar pill that caused the relief or improvement, what was it?  It was the test subjects own immune system giving them relief.  More times than not, the sugar pill surpasses the actual pharmaceutical drug in regards to offering relief so why donate more  money and resources on developing medicines that are rarely more effective than placebo when you can sign this petition and force science to research the cures behind the placebo effect so you can quit wasting your money on medicines that cannot beat the effectiveness of a sugar pill.

True Cures is the immune response behind the placebo effect but in the form of a perfected and completely consistent cure, not to be confused with common placebo relief or improvement.  True Cures is a cure and it makes the discussion of placebo and all double and triple blind testing and studies obsolete.

Sign this petition to help me force research and an open investigation into cures that cannot be patented for a change instead of continually failing forms of medicine.

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