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Brandon Nichols, Director of DCFS, has stated for the record (in response to my certified letter) that everything in the following petition is true and correct.

I hope that in 2023, my beloved sons Nikolay and Kennedy Taylor will come home. Picture is of my boys after DCFS abuse. Kennedy is scarred in the foreground. Nikolay is beaten down in the background

The abuse will end when they come home.

Here is my updated and revised petition.

I have not seen my beloved sons Nikolay and Kennedy Taylor in exactly three years as I update this petition on March 10, 2023.

My boys were kidnapped on November 17, 2014 by Los Angeles DCFS and their allies.

From day one this was the federal crime of kidnapping. My boys were taken across state lines without their consent or my consent.

Note that nothing that follows is in dispute. The facts have been confirmed by all the participants. None of the participants, including the hands on murderers, believe they will ever face punishment for their crimes.

They know they are protected all the way to the top.

Note that President Biden, in an act of solidarity with the traffickers, gave me permission to call him the "child sex trafficker in chief."

So let’s do the TIMELINE:

We don’t have a precise date for the beginning, as—like almost everything in this case—it was done in secret, and it was illegal.

Later on, we will have dates, for while everything done to my children, to their mother and to me, their father, was illegal, there was a fake court (Los Angeles Children’s Court, a child sex trafficking machine) where they tried to put a veneer of legality over their kidnapping, child abuse and child sex trafficking.

Back to the murky beginning.

At some point in 2014, my (now) estranged daughter Aileen Taylor got into child porn with her friend, the (now) deceased child porn photographer Guler Ugur.

Ugur was a stunningly vicious child abuser who took pictures of her victims.

Aileen lured our family: my wife Liz Taylor, the boys Nikolay and Kennedy, and me, Timothy Taylor, from Los Angeles to New York with the false promise that we could fix Liz’s teeth there at the NY Dental School.

Aileen was lying.

As she was my daughter, I believed her.

She set up my youngest son, Kennedy, then only four years old, to be abused by Ugur.

Kennedy came home in tears and I hit the roof!

Aileen defended Ugur and tried to take Kennedy back for more abuse. I barely headed her off and saved my son.

Since I was a loving Dad, and since Liz was as good a parent as she could be (though who had multiple personalities which were her defense from past abuse by her mother) Guler suggested that she and Aileen join forces with Los Angeles DCFS to murder both Liz and me.

Guler had connections with DCFS from her career as a child pornographer.

Aileen liked the idea and brought her sisters Vanessa Halacsy—porn name Eslynne Weaver—and Suzanne Taylor along, and included their mother, Barbara Savage, in the plot to murder their father and mother in law, or in Barbara’s case, her ex-husband.

We had been married previously for 27 years without a harsh word, until Barbara was unfaithful to her boss, Larry Savage, and left me to marry him.

All of them: Ugur, Aileen, Vanessa, Suzanne and Barbara, were fine with double murder, as Mark Cheung of DCFS said there would be no repercussions from the murders. He told them they would be protected by the police and FBI, and they have been.

At that time it didn’t even occur to me that a government agency, Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services, or DCFS, was a child murder and child trafficking machine.

For that matter I didn’t even know that DCFS was involved at this point. It took years to piece this account together.

The motive of the kidnappers was not just abuse, but money. Porn star Vanessa/Eslynne had access to extreme film makers, from the sadistic films she did, and more important, access to a dungeon.

The plan was to force Nikolay and Kennedy, then only 7 and 4, into child porn, and make a ton of money off their little bodies.

It didn’t matter to them that the boys would probably be killed in the course of their “work.”

I didn’t know what the monstrous plan was, but I knew something evil was going on. I was slow to realize how bad it was, as these were family members and I found it hard to believe how evil they had become.

I did not know our government, in the form of the CPS gangs—Los Angeles DCFS in this case—was even more evil, or, the best way to say it is, ABSOLUTE EVIL.

Now I know.

From that point on we have dates for most of the crimes.

October 2014

New York Dental School, under orders from a high placed child sex trafficker, refuses to fix Liz’s teeth.

Liz falls into despair. Aileen, probably with help from a bent “therapist” is able to gain control of one of Liz’s multiple personalities.

November 17, 2014

Aileen puts Liz and the boys on a plane to Los Angeles, against my wishes and the wishes of the boys. Because of her multiple personalities, Liz will be unable to care for the boys, but Aileen is fine with that abuse—DCFS is ready to kill her.

Aileen won’t let the boys take their cats. Poignant note: Nikolay’s first word was “cat.”

Aileen didn’t care.

December 31, 2014

The first murder. When you join a criminal organization, like Aileen joining DCFS, you have to kill someone to make your bones. Aileen set up her friend Ugur to be killed. The same MO (hit and run by a foreign national) would be used in the second murder attempt against me, which we will get to.

Mark Cheung said later that Ugur was “greedy” but I think the main reason was to own Aileen, who now had blood on her hands.

January 6, 2015

I fly to Los Angeles to be with my family.

This was the first flight I could get—I had to raise money first. Despite being well known as a writer/director in film (Wicked Pursuits) and novelist (Elaine the Fair) and International Master of Chess (author of books like Slay the Sicilian) I was poor as many artists of all times are.

I return the boys’ cats, Miss Kitten and Sparkly, that they love. As mentioned before, when Aileen forced the boys and Liz onto the plane, she chose to hurt them more by not letting them take their cats.

The personality inside Liz that is controlled by Aileen refuses to let me in.

DCFS and the LAPD step in to prevent visitation.

Despite the fact that my boys love me and I love the boys, I have never had an unrestricted visit with them since.

I haven’t seen them now in three years and counting.

Regional Manager Mark Cheung of DCFS gave this overview: I, Mark Cheung, Regional Director of DCFS, state for the record that child porn is a core business of DCFS. When Aileen Taylor came to us in 2014, saying she had good looking and very young boys to sell, and she had a co-conspirator (Eslynne) who had access to a porn site and S&M dungeon, we happily agreed to work together to murder the parents, Liz Taylor and Tim Taylor. Barbara Savage and Suzanne Taylor also worked with us as public fronts, to divert suspicion from the crimes. Our pet killer, DCFS operative Kanaan Ng, murdered Liz Taylor on August 24, 2020. We have made many attempts on the life of Timothy Taylor with the help of our allies in the LAPD, but while we have wounded him he has not yet (I emphasize, yet) been killed. Once Liz was dead and we had full control of the boys, Nikolay and Kennedy Taylor, we trafficked them to Eslynne Weaver’s porn site in Ohio. I refuse to comment on whether the boys are alive or dead.

We did wait until we had a president we fully controlled, Joe Biden, before we trafficked the boys, under his watch, on April 2,2021.

Really, all the reader need to know about DCFS is this quote from two top officials at this criminal organization: "We, Acting Director Ginger Pryor, and Deputy Director Yokoyama, are well aware that DCFS has abducted and murdered far more than 10,000 children in the last twenty years. We know that since we gained control of the LAPD and the District Attorney’s Office in 2003, we will never face investigation. Aside, these are all poor children, and thus don’t matter. We can rape them and kill them and no one will care."

No one does.

Timeline continues.

April 1, 2015

DCFS bribes Judge Robert Willet to give me an illegal restraining order, so the boys’ mother Liz will have the children. A key point is that Liz did not want this order. The order was entirely made up for DCFS purposes.

Liz cannot handle the children due to her mental illness: she has over 400 multiple personalities. Forcing her to take the children when she could not care for them was vicious abuse in itself. That didn’t bother DCFS—they were already planning to kill both of us—but the murders did not go exactly as planned.

May 22, 2015:

DCFS bribes two LA cops to violently arrest me without charges. They smash my face into a stone wall, never read my rights, and never tell me why they are arresting me! This is the first attempt on my life. I am illegally held in jail for five days. A cop was supposed to blow me away with a shotgun. He aimed it at my head—but didn’t pull the trigger. The only reason he didn’t is there were three innocent men behind me, and they would have also been killed—too much paperwork, I suppose.

I saw three innocent men brutalized and I believe killed by police in the holding cell but I survived.

I am not charged with anything and never am. The case is finally dismissed in 2016 as a “disgrace” by Judge Lynne Hobbes, who notes that “no crime was ever committed.” The arrest record was expunged, and legally, does not exist.

DCFS “reports” are falsified, saying I was arrested twice. In fact, as noted above, I was not arrested at all, as the one false arrest was expunged.

June 2015: Richard Kasa, a good man and chessplayer, dies mysteriously. DCFS goons Cagle, Cheung and Jaffe say they ordered him killed. Their account of the murder was confirmed by present day DCFS Director, Brandon Nichols.

We now know that four officials of the Southern California Chess Federation set Kasa up to be killed. The four are Chuck Ensey, Pooja Kylasa, Sean Manross and Dylan Quercia. They stated for the record, "We, SCCF board members Kylasa, Ensey, Manross, Quercia, are accessories to the murder of the chess player and TD Richard Kasa. He had to be killed since he spoke up for you and did not want to change the rules of the 2015 Candidates tournament after the fact."

June 3, 2016: The second DCFS attempt on my life, is the aforementioned hit and run. I survive with broken bones after being run over twice by a beige Nissan Altima with no license plates. This being a DCFS hit, the LAPD refuses to investigate. I said, Why not check out Nissan dealers? The cop I asked (who wouldn’t give his name of course) said they wouldn’t as “there are a 1000 Nissan dealers in Los Angeles.” Why lie, I wonder? There are, in fact, only three Nissan dealers in Los Angeles.,

As I know now, the LAPD is largely, perhaps now completely, owned by DCFS.

June 28, 2016: Since the murder attempt failed, DCFS and Eslynne Weaver, Aileen Taylor and Barbara Savage write up perjured documents, held in secret, for use in Children’s Court.

February 14, 2018

Bobby Cagle, director of DCFS, and Dr. Richard LaBrie, Liz’s therapist, get impatient and try to beat and kick Liz Taylor to death. Note that the source of this information is Bobby Cagle himself—no one at DCFS fears criminal prosecution, and rightly so, as no law enforcement agency, from the LAPD to the FBI, to Merrick Garland himself, has been willing to even take a complaint.

Back to Liz, she did not give up her (our) sons easily. When Cagle and LaBrie attacked her, she fought to survive. After beating Liz with a blunt object, and kicking her in the face, the two attackers leave her for dead.

February 14-19, 2018

Cagle and LaBrie decide to leave Nikolay and Kennedy to starve to death in their locked apartment. You will notice this sort of irrational action throughout the case. Though Cagle and Cheung say they took my sons for child sex trafficking—and there is considerable truth in that—the joy of abuse and the thrill of child murder animates them even more. The idea of my sons slowly starving to death was simply too much for them to resist.

For Cagle’s confession of child murder see my petition Arrest and Remove Confessed Child Killers Bobby Cagle and Mark Cheung of DCFS

February 19, 2018. Or you could see it, but it was taken down (denying me my Constitutional right to petition) because of political pressure from unknown individuals with a lot to hide. I have retained the text of my email interview with Cagle.

DCFS goes into panic mode when they discover Liz survived the attack and is in Huntington Memorial Hospital.

DCFS leans on the doctors to make them say that Liz tried to commit suicide by beating herself with a blunt object and kicking herself in the face! Aside to my readers, it’s a fact that DCFS did lean on the doctors, and it’s a fact that the doctors did give the false evaluation of attempted suicide, but the interesting part is, Why did the doctors feel they had to obey the perverts at DCFS? Visually speaking, the DCFS goons are the least scary gang of criminals you could imagine—every one of them I have met is just a whiny pedophile punk. On the other hand, these whiny pedophile punks can order someone killed by the LAPD. That explains why the doctors complied.

We continue: “Suicide attempt” by kicking oneself in the head will not be the most bizarre DCFS invention, we’ll soon get the certifiably insane “Count B!”

Back to brutally serious abuse: Nikolay and Kennedy are slowly starving to death as they go through the cereal which is all they have in the apartment.

Cagle and Cheung are cheated out of the boys’ death as a neighbor hears the boys’ desperate screams and calls the police.

The LAPD calls me and I immediately dash out to Liz’s apartment. Officers Vasquez and Yim tell me that Liz is in the hospital and give me legal and physical custody of the boys. This is an important point, never found in DCFS reports: I am the last person to have full legal and physical custody of the boys.

Therefore I am the only one with a legal right to the boys.

February 19, still:

DCFS orders the LAPD to falsely arrest me again!

Think about that for a minute. I have committed no crime. I am not suspected of a crime. There are no witnesses or evidence that I have committed a crime.

Yet the cops are told to arrest me for the Cagle/LaBrie attack, by DCFS, who know perfectly well I am innocent!

When did DCFS get such power?

Again, think about how backwards this is—the LAPD are told to arrest me, not by the victim of the crime—Liz—but by a criminal agency who wants to kill or kidnap my children!

Fortunately, I get Vasquez and Yim again, who had seen me rush to my sons’ rescue, like the good father I am. Note that these officers are the only men in the LAPD that I know of who were (at that time) willing to stand up to DCFS. I don’t know if they are still alive now.

Anyway, most cops would have arrested me anyway and taken the payoff. Certainly the ones who smashed my face into a stone wall in the previous false arrest (see May 22, 2015 above) would have. But Vasquez and Yim ask me questions first. The attempted murder of Liz Taylor, on the evening of February 14, 2018, took place in a locked parking garage. So the cops asked me what I was doing then. I had no problem answering: February 14 was Valentine’s Day and I was talking with my girlfriend Danielle by email all evening—when the attack took place—with each email time and date stamped. Furthermore, the attack took place in a locked parking garage to which I had neither car nor key!

I could see Vasquez was bothered. Rather than arrest me on nonsensical charges, he said he had to call his superior officer. He stepped away so I couldn’t hear the conversation, but it was clear he was saying something wasn’t right. It wasn’t even physically possible for me to have done the crime!

The officer he was talking to evidently told him to go get Liz’s story, and Vasquez passed that on to me, and he and Yim went off to interview Liz.

Wait a minute! Again! See how insane this is: the cops are told to arrest me by a separate agency. They have not even interviewed the alleged victim!

So they went off to interview Liz in her hospital bed. She told them I had nothing to do with the crime. The LAPD cleared me of any wrongdoing.

February 19 – March 5, 2018

I am interviewed by two DCFS operatives, Nirali Brahmbhatt and Chantel Briseno. Both promise me full custody of the boys (they were lying) at the hearing on March 5th, and note that “we own Children’s Court.” The last part is true.

Neither say, and I never find out until after the March 5 hearing, that the whole purpose of the hearing is to steal my children for abuse and child sex trafficking.

Brahmbhatt and Briseno cover for Cagle by writing “reports” AKA perjury, that says I did in fact attack Liz on the evening of February 14.

Let’s run through the facts.

1.On the evening of February 14, Valentine’s Day, I spent all evening talking to my girlfriend Danielle via email Each email is time and date stamped. I print out the conversation and bring it to Children’s Court. Danielle volunteers to testify.

2.The parking garage is locked during the evening, and I have neither car nor key.

3.I testify that I did not attack Liz. I have never attacked Liz, and I have no history of violence.

4.Liz testifies that I did not attack her.

5.The LAPD clears me of any wrongdoing.

Therefore, DCFS writes up “Count B” which says, and I quote, “Mother reported that on the evening of Wednesday 2/14/18 she went outside to smoke a cigarette and father was waiting outside her complex, he grabbed her by the arm. Mother reported that whenever she sees father she freezes. She does not know what to do and this reaction is part of her disorder. Mother reported that father took her to a parking structure near her home and began hitting her with a brick, hereby causing bruises under her left eye, left arm, and chest. CSW Brahmbhatt observed a bruise under mother’s left eye, near the cheekbone. It appeared to be purple and pink, similar to a black eye. Mother had a thin pink mark, about an inch and a half long, on the left side of her neck. Mother could not recall how she obtained the mark. Mother reported that this was not the first time that father had assaulted her, since she obtained the restraining order; mother was unable to identify how many instances had happened prior to this incident. Mother stated that she never calls law enforcement because father has threatened that if she told anyone, he would go to Court and obtain custody of the children.”

This is the most extraordinary perjury I have ever seen in my life! Everything is made up of whole cloth. Liz never said ANYTHING that “Mother” is supposed to have said. In fact she told the police I had nothing whatsoever to do with the attack. Simply put, Liz is NOT “Mother” who is a fictitious character made up by DCFS.

All the rest is whack-job idiocy, flying in the face of every fact. Yes, Liz was attacked—but it was Cagle and LaBrie, not me. The entire passage above—Count B—was fabricated to cover up the crimes of the director of DCFS, Cagle, and a useful therapist, LaBrie, who could be counted on to assist in murder and stealing children.

I mean, that’s enough, but it would be easy to poke holes in the rest, just for fun. What did I have, two separate bodies, one writing Valentine’s Day letters, one conjuring up a brick, walking through steel doors without a key, and don’t forget the cloak of invisibility and the power to conjure up a brick from atoms!

Besides all that, one of the many ways you can see this was written up by DCFS is the last line: “Mother stated that she never calls law enforcement because father has threatened that if she told anyone, he would go to Court and obtain custody of the children.” Of course she never called law enforcement because I never attacked her! But look at DCFS logic—they say that if I had attacked her, I would get custody of the children! The weird thing about this is that it’s true. DCFS ALWAYS gives custody to the abuser. So, because I’m a good father, I can’t get custody. However, had I had been a vicious abuser, I would get custody! Just try and wrap your mind around that, and once again, take a look at the murder of Noah Cuarto (see petition Defund Los Angeles DCFS and Children’s Court which has now been taken down in violation of my Constitutional rights) where exactly that happened.

March 5, 2018

DCFS owns all the judges and lawyers in Children’s Court, so Judge Kim Nguyen disregards the fact that Liz (Mother!!) never said what they said she said, and did not then or ever testify to such nonsense. Nguyen disregarded universal facts like “two separate bodies at the same time,” do not actually exist! She signed off on the “cloak of invisibility and walking through locked steel doors.”

None of my witnesses are allowed to testify, crucially including Danielle and Officers Vasquez and Yim.

Judge Nguyen (no jury of course) finds “Count B” to be true.

She finds demented perjury to be true, because DCFS orders it to be found true.

She sends my sons into the “care” of the violent neo-Nazi Steve Foreman because he can be counted on to abuse them. He does.

Later on Kim Nguyen would confess to child rape and murder.

Not a surprise.

September 22, 2018

After brutally abusing the boys for months, Foreman sets his dog on Kennedy. See pictures of the fang marks.

September 26, 2018

Meredith Caldwell and Judge Michael Whitaker announce their “complete support” for Steve Foreman’s abuse—note he wouldn’t even take Kennedy to the hospital following the dog bites, as he knew the hospital would have to report it. Kennedy is scarred to this day.

Nikolay and Kennedy are sent back to Foreman for more abuse. Kennedy will be bitten again.

Neo Nazi Foreman will attack a black man in a pizza restaurant, forcing this elderly gentleman (who was at least 70 years old and had a limp) out of the restaurant in a violent racist attack. DCFS approves. City and federal prosecutors sign off on the racist attack and refuse to prosecute. The LAPD won’t even take a complaint, as the LAPD are mere lackeys of DCFS.

Boys were sent back to Foreman for more abuse. I tried to report child abuse with a photo of Kennedy’s torn face in my hand. Officer Murillo of the LAPD refused to take a complaint against Foreman, noting, “We can’t arrest him, he’s DCFS.”

The judge who ordered this, Michael Whitaker, will later confess to child rape and murder. Not a surprise. His boss, Presiding Judge Victor Greenberg, will also confess to child rape and murder.

Not a surprise.


After the second, near fatal dog bite, DCFS thinks of their child trafficking investment and take Nikolay and Kennedy from Foreman. Because my home is safe, they are given to their mother. The reason she gets custody is she is mentally ill, with over 400 multiple personalities. Her mother, Marina Timokina, killed Liz’s nine previous children before Nikolay and Kennedy, and Liz was forced to eat the bodies. After Liz testifies to murder and cannibalism in Children’s Court, Judge Michael Whitaker becomes sexually aroused, begins masturbating in court and gives Liz custody. She can’t take care of the boys, but no matter—DCFS is sure they will be able to kill her next time.

At least Whitaker got off.


The child rapist (by his own three time admission) Frank Ostrov was appointed to my case, allegedly to represent me. The specific child he says he raped is my ex-wife Liz Taylor. Liz had told me of this horrific event. I have never once accepted Frank Ostrov as “my lawyer.” I have signed no papers allowing him to represent me. He is a DCFS hitman, a long time child trafficker. Practicing law illegally, he worked with Kanaan Ng to take away all visitation.

To this day I have not been able to get rid of Ostrov as he is protected at a high level, not just by DCFS but by Juli Finnila and Lee Ann Kern of the California Bar Association.

March 10, 2020

Kanaan Ng of DCFS illegally ends court ordered visitation.

As of today, March 10, 2023, I have not seen my sons alive in three years.

August 24, 2020

The evidence is overwhelming that the above mentioned Kanaan Ng murdered Liz Taylor on this day.

Here’s the evidence.

1.Liz Taylor disappeared on that day. No one has seen her or heard from her since and it has now been almost three years. I have asked Nikolay and Kennedy several times, when I still had phone calls with them, if they have ever heard from their Mom. They always state sadly they have never heard from her since she disappeared on August 24, 2020.

2.Liz, despite her faults and mental illness, did truly love the boys, her only surviving children. She would never disappear from them voluntarily without a word.

3.Confession: here are two Kanaan Ng quotes—note again that these scum fear no prosecution: “I murdered Liz Taylor on August 24, 2020” and “I killed Liz Taylor to get her out of the way, yes, but also to protect the attorney Frank Ostrov. Frank Ostrov had raped Liz Taylor when she was a child, and she could identify him. Frank is very useful to us and we didn't want him to go down on a child rape charge.”

Tripling down on this, when he called me to boast of his crimes on April 7, 2021, he specifically said, in answer to my question, that he had murdered Liz Taylor.

I informed the police, the FBI, the Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón, the California AG Rob Bonta, and finally Merrick Garland, but none would take a complaint as all of them are part of the Atrocity Crime (under International Law) of child sex trafficking.

4.History of violence: we know Kanaan Ng tortured Liz Taylor and cut his name into her skin. As noted above, we have a picture of the torture and we even have a witness, DCFS operative Chanttel Briseno, who says she was there during the torture.

5.Service dog: Liz had to wait years to get a service dog for her many disabilities. She loved that dog, named King, trained only for her, and like all disabled people, she would never give up her service dog. Stealing a service dog is a serious felony. When Liz disappeared, what happened to the service dog? The dog wound up in the porn site in Ohio!! How it got there, we don’t know.

Eslynne Weaver must know. She is clearly involved in the murder, and I can testify that she worked closely with Kanaan Ng to kidnap my children.

6.Chess players continue to confess to murder of other chess players. I quote: "We, SCCF board members Kylasa, Ensey, Manross, Quercia are all accessories to the murder of Liz Taylor."

This confirms that she is murdered and gives four more witnesses.

That’s enough to pull anyone in, but Kanaan Ng is under LAPD protection, under Merrick Garland protection, and most important, under Joe Biden's protection. So despite my criminal complaints, he remains free to murder again.

New director of DCFS, Brandon Nichols, confirmed the kill.

October 2, 2020

Nikolay and Kennedy are trafficked to Eslynne Weaver’s extreme porn site in Wooster, Ohio.

The boys are brought back to Los Angeles after a month, and placed in some kind of juvenile prison. I hear children screaming in the background when I have monitored calls. Bobby Cagle says the reason the boys were brought back is that he hadn’t fixed things (bribed) the Ohio police yet. He took care of that, and now no police officer in Ohio will take a human trafficking complaint.

December 2, 2020

A secret hearing was held in Children’s Court. I was not allowed to participate, nor was I represented by counsel. It’s sort of a catch 22. Masturbating Judge and child killer Whitaker says I can’t represent myself. I say, you are required to provide me with a lawyer. He says you have Frank Ostrov. I say I don’t accept Ostrov, as he raped my ex-wife Liz Taylor when she was a child, he is a long time child sex trafficker, and he wants to send my sons to the porn site. Judge says I have to accept Frank!! I refuse and try to represent myself. Judge Whitaker denies my Constitutional right to represent myself.

So what happens is now there are Secret Tribunals which violates several State and Federal Laws, and directly violates International Human Rights. I have informed Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, as well as local law enforcement. In thrall to DCFS, these “human rights” organizations take their payoffs and refuse to investigate.

December 17, 2020

Director of DCFS Bobby Cagle and DCFS Regional Manager Mark Cheung confirm the murder timeline on August 24, when Liz Taylor was killed by their subordinate Kanaan Ng of DCFS.

As noted above, the new director, Brandon Nichols, confirmed the same.

April 2, 2021

My sons are trafficked to the porn site in Wooster, Ohio run by Eslynne Weaver, under Joe Biden’s watch. The President refuses to act.

For a while I get phone calls, “monitored” by the violent felon Eslynne Weaver. The reason that she gets to monitor the calls is she is a vicious criminal, guilty of the following crimes:

Accessory to the DCFS murders of 10,000 children in Los Angeles



Conspiracy to Commit Murder

Human Trafficking

Child abuse

Tax Evasion


False police reports



Felony Theft of a Service Dog

Art Theft

DCFS loves that.

What of Ohio? See my sister petition Governor Mike DeWine: Save my Children from Extreme Porn and Worse (now illegally taken down by political pressure)

The Governor not only does nothing, but appoints confessed child murderer and rapist Matt Damschroder to run the child abuse agency there, Ohio Jobs and Family Services, to use the formal name.

December 5, 2021

I attempt to appeal to the Appellate Court. The three judges there, Judge P.J. Rothschild, Judge J. Chaney and Judge J. Bendix, deny my Constitutional right to appeal.

Later, Rothschild, Chaney and Bendix will confess to child rape and murder, noting that all their child victims are supplied to them by DCFS.

Not a surprise.

Back to my boys:

My main hope is that Nikolay and Kennedy are now too old for child porn, the original reason for the kidnapping.

With a murdered mother and years of abuse, they need a safe environment with me.

A few words about myself:

I went into the case respecting law and court. I have no criminal record, no history of violence, and I was then, 65 years old and am now 70.

My record in life should be worth something. I am a notable person. My name is Timothy Taylor, born in New Jersey and living in Los Angeles for many years. I have no criminal record. I am an International Master of Chess, an author of 14 published books, both fiction and nonfiction (Slay the Sicilian being a notable work of nonfiction, and Elaine the Fair being my most well-known novel). I am also the writer/director of the film Confederate Saber (DVD title Wicked Pursuits). Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, has confirmed that I am the only person on earth with these three accomplishments: Writer/director in film, published novelist, International Master of Chess.

I have represented the United States many times in chess. Most recently I represented the United States in the World Chess Championship, Senior Division, in Assisi, Italy, November 15-28, 2022.

I state with honest pride that I have lived an exemplary life. Nonetheless, my children were kidnapped from me by DCFS.

If they can take my children, they can take anyone’s children.

But I fight every day to get my boys back.

I say the simple words of Moral Imperative: Bring My Sons Home.

Great thanks to all who have signed, and all who will sign.

All I ask is what I am legally entitled to: as their father, I am the only close relative of the boys. I was the last person to have full legal and physical custody. I ask that I get the full paperwork of legal and physical custody for schools and Social Security.

Nikolay and Kennedy, now 16 and 13, have asked so many times to come home.

Let them come home.

And that should be the end of it, but there is one more horrible update to come.

On September 29, 2021, the vile pornographer Eslynne Weaver disappeared my sons by cutting off their phone calls.

That was 526 days ago, or a year and a half.

Right at this moment I don’t know if my beloved sons, Nikolay and Kennedy Taylor, are alive or dead.

I have to believe they are alive. I’m their father and I love them more than live itself.

The LAPD, working as goons for DCFS, has stepped up their campaign against me with multiple death threats. For example, an LAPD officer slapped a picture of a death’s head on my arm on December 20, 2021, indicating that I was marked for death by the LAPD.

There is no law.

The press is controlled by the government traffickers, and has never written a word on this case.

2023: CA AG Rob Bonta admitted, repeatedly, that he himself has raped and killed children. This explains why he never enforced the law against child sex trafficking, and still is a major player, on the criminal side, in their trafficking and disappearance. Note that Bonta, even when confronted with a certified letter, has refused to investigate the murder of the boys' mother, Liz Taylor.

Yet even so, despite criminals like Bonta and others named here, the moral imperative still stands—Bring My Sons Home.

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