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Keep Troy for Kure

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Kure Corp is a national company with locations spread out among the South, Southwest, and New England regions of the US. But to Bridgeport area residents, Kure isn't just a franchise of a larger conglomerate. It's a comfortable environment and safe space in their community.

Part of the appeal of Kure in Black Rock is Letroyvious Scanlan, better known as "Troy" to customers. Kure regulars love him for his charisma, helpful nature, and warm and friendly demeanor. Many customers come in to see him specifically, and he knows several Kure patrons by name. But loyal Kure customers may be in for a rude awakening as Troy has been terminated from his position at the request of Kure's corporate office.

The official reason? Drinking a beer on the job on his birthday, something Troy owns up to and is remorseful about. But there's a much larger issue at play involving missing funds that were not under Troy's control and a mysterious customer who called to complain about the atmosphere at Kure. Before a proper investigation was ever conducted into either of these claims, Troy was fired without having the ability to voice his side of the story and defend his innocence and worth as a Kure employee. The local staff is devastated that one of their most dependable employees and dear friend have to leave, and quite frankly they had no intention of letting him go. But they were unable to argue with their higher ups.

So what's the point of this petition? By signing this, you are declaring that you agree with the following list of demands:

1) A proper and thorough investigation of the aforementioned missing funds including formal questioning of all Kure employees (Troy included)

2) A follow up in-store interview with the customer who called corporate about the atmosphere at Kure (it must be mentioned that this is in no way a means to intimidate or scare this patron, but rather a way of fully respecting and hearing out the communities voice regarding their experience at Kure)

3) For Troy to be reinstated in his position on a probationary basis until the investigation has reached it's definitive conclusion

4) Should Troy be fully reinstated into his position he will be held responsible for any infringement on company policy and be briefly retrained in said policies to ensure that he may continue his duties with the highest level of professionalism possible.

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