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RLI Troopie Dedication Petition

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The RLI memorial, known as the \"Troopie\" was consecrated in 1979 as a memorial to the fallen soldiers of the Rhodesian Light Infantry who bore the brunt of the fighting in the Rhodesian Bush War between 1972 and 1980. After the war, the troopie was spirited away from Zimbabwe and is now located in the UK. The RLI Troopie Statue will be re-dedicated on 27/09/2008 at Lord Salisbury\'s estate of Hatfield house in the U.K. It was not proposed have any wording on it that refers to Rhodesia, The RLI or Rhodesian Light Infantry. In response to the publicity this issue has been receiving among the membership and the wider Rhodesian community worldwide, advice has been received as this petition was going live that the RLI insignia may go on the plaque \"time permitting\" and the Exco are \"looking at\" affixing Rolls of Honour \"in the future\" While this may or may not occur, what is certain that one of the plaques that will be affixed now will read \"In reconciliation and hope for future peace in Zimbabwe\" So much for the memory of our comrades and clandestine operation to get the Troopie out of Cranbourne Barracks. How did this come about The Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Association (RLIRA) is currently headed by a team that does not hold a mandate from the members. The interim committee cancelled the first elections called for under the launching constitution and proclaimed themselves as the Executive Council (Exco) - allowing them to make decisions on behalf of the greater Association Membership without our input. This is unconstitutional because the members did not allow for this amendment to be adopted via a vote / referendum so that they could have these powers. The EX-CO as they now call themselves have, without a mandate, not presented for membership scrutiny, any agreement between themselves and Lord Salisbury, so we do not know what has been agreed to, or even whether we still have rights to the Troopie and / or the Colours. They have committed to an event of the proportion that has to require funding, but they have not tabled any financial books for the scrutiny of members, so we do not know whether there are commitments that are not covered, nor has the been a declaration of vested interests (if such exist) in the RLIRA, The Troopie Statue, The Regimental Colours, or the Rededication Event.An Exco in name but out of control at the members expense. Do we still own the Troopie and our Colours PLEASE HELP US TO REGAIN CONTROL - SIGN OUR PETITION. To the members of the RLIRA \"Executive Council\" and, members of the RLI Troopie / Colours Relocation Project Team. We the submitters of this page do object to the the following 1. The omission of the words Rhodesia, RLI and Rhodesian Light Infantry in the wording of the Troopie Statue Plaques. 2. The Executive Council of the Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Association\'s entering into agreements with Lord Salisbury without the requisite mandate from the members to do so. 3. The Executive Committee of the Rhodesian Light Infantry agreeing to wording of the plaque without submitting this to the general membership for appropriate consideration, discussion and, adoption by vote. 4. The Executive Committee of the Rhodesian Light Infantry having not disclosed the Trust Agreement with Lord Salisbury to the general membership for appropriate consideration, discussion and, adoption by vote. 5. The Executive Council of the Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Association\'s refusal to table the set of accounts which details the exposure of the Association. This must have membership scrutiny. We do however support the postponement of the dedication of the ceremony to: The Executive Committee having not disclosed sufficient or timely information for people to make appropriately informed decisions regarding the level of financial contribution or other support, that they might care to make towards the RLI Troopie/ Colours project. 6. View the Trust Document between the RLIRA and Lord Salisbury and revise the plaque wording for the Troopie Statue to reflect the history that brought about its creation. 7. The honouring of the Troopie Statue as a war memorial in the same way that other memorials are honoured around the world, regardless of political orientation.


This petition is sponsored by concerned members of the Rhodesian Light Infantry Regimental Association.
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